What Is Success?

Many people categorize success by how much money they have or how well known they are, but there are other ways of judging success and it helps to know what kind of success drives you.

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Set Goals Or Go With The Flow

Many people talk about the importance of goal setting and others talking about going with the flow and not forcing things so dang hard. So which one is it?

What Will Weight Loss Change

It is not just about the weight loss, it is about who we think we are going to be once we loose the weight.

Take A Page From The Doctor

Everything we read or watch whether it is based on a true story or fiction can teach us something.

Are You Really Doing All That You Can

It is too easy to think that what we are doing is just not working but when you really look at it are you really doing what you need to be doing?

Anorexic Mindset

We always think about anorexia being an eating disorder, but it is way more than the physical aspect, it is a mindset.

Self Care Is Worth It

Too many people see self care as a waste of time, but when you do these things it makes you able to really make the most of the rest of your time.

The Journey Is The Destination

Do you constantly stress about reaching your goals and doing whatever it takes without enjoying the process?

Look For Proof

There are both good and bad things going on in almost everyone’s lives. The proof is there for either one you want to acknowledge.

10 Steps To Sticking Up For Yourself

Do you stand up for yourself? Do you know the difference between being nice and being walked all over?

Avoid The Weight Loss Trap

Are you are stressed with the quest of losing weight? It is time to change the quest.

Find Your Why

Your why is the reason you are doing something specific. What is your why? Have you even thought about it?

Different View On Food

Food is not the enemy, yet many people treat it that way. They wear starving themselves like a badge of honor. Time to change this.

Listen to Your Intuition

Your intuition is a powerful guidance tool, but you just have to actually use it.

Life and Health Lessons On A Motorcycle

You can learn a lot about health from non health area's of your life, you just have to pay attention.

Follow The Road Map

You are not the only one who has had to go through trials and tribulations in your field. Use the road maps other people have left to find your way.

Use Your Depression

Even the bad emotions can become motivational if you will let them.

Distracting Yourself Can Be Good

Focus is what people talk about all the time, and it is important, but there are times when distracting yourself is a great course of action.

Don't be someones puppet

Life is an adventure and it is your adventure. Sometimes people give us valid advice, but you also need to know when is it best not to take someone’s advice.


Distractions are everywhere. But how do we deal with them? In this article we will look at a couple techniques that may help with your distractions.

What Are You Learning

Let's face it, sometimes we go through things that just straight up suck. But there may be a silver lining to it.

Create A Challenge

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut. Creating a challenge for yourself can be a great way to climb out if it.

Make it happen

You can make pretty much any goal you want a reality but there is more to it than just wishing.

Self Image

Self-image is how we see ourselves. It is so important to our happiness to see ourselves in a positive light.

The Silence Is Your Friend

Among many things, silence is where you can find the answers to questions you have.

Stop Over Analyzing Everything

Why do people not follow through more often on their amazing ideas? They are over thinking it!

Be A Good Example

Helping others with what you know is a great thing, but you also have to let them do what is right for themselves. Instead of forcing the issue, focus on being a good example.

Be Thankful

It is amazing how much better things can get in life when you adopt an attitude of gratitude.

Enjoy The Ride

Are you Constantly stressed out? Thinking "life will be better as soon as I lose weight, or make more money or (fill in the blank)"? Then read on, it is time to free yourself!

Embrace Failure

"Failure" is the beginning of success. Embrace it, it will teach you what you need to learn.

Go With The Flow

It is amazing how much more fun life is when we learn to go with the flow.

Your Body Is Your Ally

Your Body is the best ally you will ever have, so start treating it that way.

Stop Restricting Yourself

Restricting yourself could actually be having the opposite effect of what you are wanting.

Change One Thought

What thought is holding you back? Change it and watch things improve.

Be Understanding

Being understanding of others can improve your day!

Health And Fitness Defined

What it really means to be healthy and fit.

Keep Striving!

Keep yourself fired up by always having something to strive for.

Resisting Bad Influences

We all have had those people who are a bad influence or bring us down. But fear not, there are ways to handle this issue.

Be an Athlete not a Dieter

There is a big difference in the approach of a dieter and an athlete. And the athlete's way is a lot more fun!

When Should You Listen to Others?

Much of the time we should not give too much thought to what others think or say about us, but there are times listening can help.

Habits of Successfully Healthy People

Ditch the yo yo effect and become successful with your health.

One Small Spark of Hope

Hope is a powerful thing. Just a little goes a very long way. Sometimes all you need is a spark.

Start The Day Right

How we start our day will have a significant impact on how the rest of our day happens.

Be Your Own Best Friend

We are the one person that will be there for ourselves for the rest of our lives, yet many of us can treat ourselves so badly.

Create 3 Things to Accomplish

If you feel like you are not accomplishing as much as you would like, then it is time for you to create it!

You Are Good Enough

We have all had times that we feel like we are not good enough. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself you are.

New Years Resolutions That Stick

Don't lose steam in January, make that change permanent!

Do the Most Difficult Thing First

Have that one task that never gets done? Do it first, and be done with it.

You Are In Charge

It's important to remember who controls your life.

Within Your Control

Things happen that you can't control. It doesn't mean you're out of control!

Sculpting Yourself

You are your own sculpture. You can make this sculpture anything you want, you just have to choose what you want to be.

Be Your Own Coach

Hiring a coach in any area in life can be a great choice, but they are not with you 24/7.

It's Not Fair

You know you best, use that to your advantage to supercharge your path!

Your Health Affects Your Mind

Your mindset can have a big effect on your health, but your health can mess with your head as well.


Excuses are like a nice, warm blanket we pull over ourselves to make us feel better about not doing what we should be doing.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is very common and not only triggered by depression.

Focus on What You Have

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” ~Buddha

Lighten Up

Have you ever thought about what your favorite fitness pro, athlete, action star, or fictional character would do in your situation?

Invoke Your Idol

Have you ever thought about what your favorite fitness pro, athlete, action star, or fictional character would do in your situation?

Buddy System

Need help staying focused on your goals? Find a buddy!

Scheduling To Accomplish Your Goals

If you do not know what you want, how will you know where to steer your ship?

Visualize Like The Pro's

Everything begins in the mind, so use it to your advantage!

Small Easy Steps

Little changes can mean the difference between triumph and defeat. What changes can you make to help keep you on track?

Overcoming Obstacles

Don't let obstacles keep you from your goals. Push through and claim your rewards.

No Time To Get Healthy

I do not doubt you are insanely busy but there is always a way to fit in what you want.

Focus Your Attention

Have you ever heard "What you focus on expands!"? Find out what it means and use it to flourish.


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