Create A Great New Years Eve

What drinks and activities can you add into your new years festivities to make your holiday a bit better for you while still having a wild time? We have some ideas.

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Healthy Holiday Gifts

While you may choose to enjoy the decedent food you can at least give gifts that make this holiday season a healthy motivational time of year.

Active And Healthy Thanksgiving

Some activities that you can do with your family to keep your fitness up, get some quality time and possibly even help your family and friends create some healthy new habits.

Benchin it

For this workout all you need is a bench and a little bit of motivation.

Squats To The Rescue

This workout is all about squats. The firmer your glutes get the better you will be at making diamonds from those bad buns of steel.

Practice Does Not Make Perfect

“Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice make perfect”

Explosive Exercise

Want to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Okay in reality it might take a little time, but this workout will at least be a start.

Make It A Game

When you enjoy your workout you look forward to it and are therefore more likely avoid excuses and stick with it for the long haul.

Benches, Not Just For Sitting

Benches are good for so much more than just sitting and there are plenty of them around!

Action Star Physique

Do you look at your favorite movie stars body as motivation? Let's look at what that really takes.

Easy And Effective Stair Workout

All you need for this kick butt workout is a flight of stairs. This workout incorporates cardio, body weight training and some coordination skills.

Must Have Home Equipment

You do not have to have equipment to get your sweat on, but equipment can be a wonderful addition.

Obesity Obstacles

Do you have the issue of being severely over weight to the point of poor mobility but want to start getting in shape? You can get started, you just need to know what to do.

Cross Training For Better Results

Some people get so into the one sport they are doing that they neglect many other area that need to be worked on. Time to change that.

Full body Awesomeness

This workout hits a lot of muscle groups at once and you do not need any equipment, just a small patch of floor and you are good to go.

Long or Micro Workouts

Should you do your workout all at one time or should you break it up? Well that depends on what are you wanting to accomplish.

How To Do A Deadlift

Deadlifts have great benefits, but you need to know the proper form to get the benefits you want.

Body weight training for a killer body

Body weight training can give you a killer workout, without equipment, wherever you are.

Duffle Bag and Water Bottle Workout

This workout is simple, can be as intense as you want to make it, and takes very little equipment.

Basic Pushups 101

If you are going to pick one upper body exercise to get the most bang for you buck, it would be Pushups!

Lazy Day Workout

We all have those days where we are so tired and lazy we can not figure out how the heck we are going to do a workout much less go to the gym. This workout is for those days.

Stretching Yourself

We are all told we should stretch and we know we should, but why?

Medicine Ball Workout

One of the things I love most about medicine balls is the balancing that can be done with them.

Warm Up and Cool Down

You have heard that you should warm up before a workout and cool down after. But do you know why?

Swiss Ball Fun

Swiss balls are a great way to get a good workout with one simple piece of equipment, All you need is a little room in your living room or bedroom.

The Core

Working out the core has become a common phrase you will hear in most gyms. But why is the core so important and how can you strengthen yours?

Quick backyard Workout

You can workout in your home, but sometimes it is nice to get outside.

Improvised Equipment

You do not need to have specialized equipment to workout, you have plenty of things sitting right around your house.

A Date With The Swiss Ball

This routine is easy to do in your living room and all you need is a Swiss ball.

Too Old To Start

Exercise is the Fountain of Youth, so Stop Using “Too Old” as an Excuse!

Quick and Efficient Workout

The exercises in this workout are 2 in 1, helping you get more of a complete workout in a lot less time.

Exercising With Chronic Pain

Working out while dealing with chronic pain can be difficult but it can be done.

Improve Your Endurance

Endurance is the life blood for a lot of fun activities in life. Here is how you can improve it.

Other Reasons To Workout

There are so many reasons to workout, weight loss is only one of them.

The Right Running Shoe

Your running shoes can make your run a joy or a pain, Let me show you the difference.

Sleak Sexy Abs

Myths and reality of getting a tight midsection.

How To Deal With Muscle Soreness

How to help relieve muscle sorenss.

Fitness Trends For 2015

Exercise trends for 2015

Is Running the Best Cardio?

What's the best burn for the buck?

Make Your Chores Work For You

A few small changes and you can workout while you work!

Men And Women Are Not Created Equal

Don't let genetics make you feel like you're falling behind. It's a different race!

Fitness on the Run

Seven tips to keep up with your fitness while travelling!

To Train in the Morning or the Evening?

Which is right for you? Find out!

Use Your Commercial Breaks

Need more time for exercise? You don't want to watch commercials anyway.

Steady State vs HIIT Cardio Training

Steady state cardio or high intensity interval training? How do you know which one you should do?

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Doing great, but not seeing the results on the scale? Doesn't mean you're not leaning down.

Improving Your Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardio does a myriad of things for our bodies. Here is how you can start improving yours.

Kick Your Butt With Cardio Intervals

Here are some quick and easy cardio intervals to spice up your weight training!

Stay Fit Through the Holidays

7 reasons you shouldn't give up your workout this holiday season!

Ask for Help

There's no shame in asking for help and getting yourself on the right path.

Change-Up Your Scenery

Do you have times that you feel bored no matter how you change your routine? Then you may need a change of scenery!

Don't Skimp On The Sleep

Find out what sleep can do for you, and how to tell if you're getting enough.

Don't Push Through The Pain

Pain can be the difference between slow down and game over! Know the difference.

Measure Your Progress

Want to track your progress? Here are some tips on how and what to track.

Throw The Damn Scale Away

The thing you obsess about, is probably causing you more harm than good.

Train For What You Want

Goals shape your workout. What are you working toward?

14 Tips To Push Yourself

You can do more than you think. Check out these tips and tricks for boosting your workout!

Over Training

Sometimes we push ourselves too far, too fast. But listening to your body will help prevent injury.

Trail Running For The Wild Side In Us

Trail running is a great way to get in your exercise, exploring and sunshine all at once!

How Hard Should You Workout?

Your level of exertion significantly impacts the results of workout. Find out where you should be aiming.

Effects Of Exercise On The Brain

Exercise isn't just good for the body: it's good for your mental health, too!

What Sport Are You Made For?

Looking for an activity? You'll have more fun with a sport geared toward your natural tendencies.

Strength Training Basics

Building muscle isn't just for body builders and fitness models. Find out how to get started and what it can do for you!

Something To Enjoy

Finding something you enjoy is the #1 key to sticking with your fitness program. Here are some things to look at.

10 Ways To Change Up Your Weight Training

That same old routine won't get you past the plataeu. Ten tips to help you maintain progress and keep things interesting.

Changing Up Your Cardio

The same cardio day after day gets boring and leads to diminishing results. Change it up!


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