By Lauren Denos: 11/2/2014 (Mindset)

Did you know that your health directly effects your mind?

We know that our fitness, nutrition, and mindset all tie in together. Your mindset can have a big effect on your health, but your health can mess with your head as well.

One thing that I have learned from personal experience and working with other people is that if you have some health issues going on, it can be hard to see your life in a positive light. You can have an amazing life, but it can be a struggle to see it because you are looking through grey cloudy glasses. There are varying levels of these health issues. Sometimes you are just not eating super well, and things don’t better because of that. Other times, there are more serious health issues going on, and there can be dealing with a lot of pain associated with it. If you have had health issues like I am talking about, then you know the downward spiral that happens.

It can look something like this: you are too tired or sick to workout and cook correctly. So instead you sleep, watch TV, get fast food, etc. You figure that as soon as you start to feel better you will be able to have all those healthy habits again. The problem is that point never comes, and before you know it, you have spent years waiting to start your healthy lifestyle and getting your life together.

This is a sucky situation. I know that. But the thing is you have to start making steps towards your healthy life while you are dealing with these health issues. I know you are thinking, "How? I am too tired, sick, etc." I understand that, but you have to start. But instead of changing everything, start small and easy.

Steps You Can Take

#1 First and foremost, go see a doctor. There are so many things that can be going on that you won't be able to figure out on your own. Plenty of people eat right, workout, and work on their positive mindset, but still have something else going on. It could be gut problems, hormones, blood sugar, allergies, etc. The point is that sometimes you could be doing everything right, and there is still something going on that you need some help with. So seek help!

#2 If you are too tired to be cooking and you need to get take out, go to a place where you can get grilled or baked chicken and vegetables. Your body needs better nutrients. If it is not getting these nutrients, then you are not getting what you need for your body to start rebuilding itself in a better way. Your body does continually rebuild itself, so you want to give it the fuel it needs.

#3 If you can afford vegetable juice or smoothies, then start getting one whenever possible. If you can get them once a day then do it. But make sure it is fresh vegetable juice, not regular fruit juice that’s filled with sugar. Fruit juice you want to use those sparingly so that you do not create another health problem. If you are going to do fruit in your smoothies or juice then use one small piece just to add a little sweetness to it. Otherwise, you can be setting yourself up for diabetes.

#4 Make sure you eat at least three meals per day. If you are starving your body it is not able to repair itself. Plus if you are dealing with blood sugar problems and do not know it, skipping meals will make it worse. Keep snacks with you at all times so when you get into a bind and can't get to your lunch on time, you will not have to skip your meal. Your body will thank you for thinking ahead to these hiccups in your schedule.

#5 Do some sort of exercise. Not only because it gets your blood moving, but it also helps you psychologically. You may only be able to do a walk, and that is okay. Do what you can. One 10 minute walk is better than nothing. It may be, with your energy levels and time constraints, that a few 10 minute walks or a few squats at your desk throughout the day is what will work. Great! There is no right or wrong, just move your butt!

#6 Do what you can to stay in a positive mind frame (i.e.: listen to some comedy, write a journal every night of what was great in your day). If needed, create a support team. This would be people who understand what is going on with you and whom you can call if you need a boost. If you create a support team, make sure you are there for them as well when they need you. These can help so much. When you are sick and in pain, a few laughs can make the day a bit more bearable. Find something you can smile and laugh at everyday if possible!

This is a difficult position to be in and you need to remember that things will get better. When you are in the thick of it, it is hard to really believe that it will get better, but it will. You have to go through the tough times, and before you know it you will come out the other side. The other part of this equation is no one can do it for you. You have to be willing to take the steps to change your life around. No one is going to beg you to do it. You will have days where you do not want to do anything, and may just end up getting that comfort food and vegging out to the watch tv, so preparation comes into play. Know what you can eat when these days happen. Particularly when you cannot bring yourself to do anything, spend that time planning. What meals can you make? What restaurants have food that would be healthy for you? What else can you do to help with your health issues? Research and study. If you are going to sit around and watch TV, then at least make it productive by figuring out what else you can do and what your next step is. You can find a way back to the healthy person you are meant to be. It can take a bit of time and experimentation. Keep going, you got this!



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