By Lauren Denos: 11/17/2014 (Nutrition)

Have you heard the phrase, "you are what you eat?" Well, it is truer than you might think. Our bodies are always creating new cells to replace the old ones. These new cells are literally made from the food you eat. So why does that matter? Well, these new cells our body produces are what is used to repair and replace everthing else in our system.

You might be wondering what all this entails, and how long it takes. For starters, our skin replaces itself about every 2 weeks. Let’s right. In addition, we make new red cells about every 4 months, replace white cells at about 1 year, and replace cells for the lining of our stomachs every 5 days. The intestinal tissue is replaced every 11 years, the skeletal muscle every 15 years, and our liver is new about every 300-500 days. More amazing facts about our body’s regeneration include that our heart gets repaired/replaced every 20 years, and our lungs every 2-3 weeks. But that’s just a small taste of the renewal going on! Fascinating, isn’t it? Almost everything in our bodies is replaced regularly throught our lifetime.

What does this all mean? It means that it is not too late to decide to have a healthier body. That excuse you may have been using, you know, you are too old to change your health or exercise, etc. Well, it is not vaild. It is simply not true that you are too late to turn things around. Sure there are some things that take a while to renew, but there are many things you can do to start that renewal process. In fact, you can be healthier in just 1 month – all from what you eat!

Your body replaces itself with fresh cells created from what YOU put into your body. So, if you are putting fresh water and eating a clean diet that is what you will be made up of. If you are drinking soda, coffee, sweets and fast foods then that is what your body will be made up of. You may not notice a difference right away when you start to eat better, but eventually it shows. For instance, when you first give up some of your sugar, caffeine and junk foods you will experience withdrawals. Eventually, though, your body will have pushed all that useless crap out of your system and you will feel great. After that, every time you go for that junk food, you will realize how lousy it makes you feel.

What did you eat today?

Keep track of what you eat for the next week, and then see what you can change to make sure your body has better building blocks to work with.

You want to make sure that you get a healthy balance of protien, vegetables, high-quality carbs and healthy fats in your diet. This will ensure you are made up of the best cells possible. Start to take a look at what you could do better. You may not be able to change your age, but you can change how you feel and become more youthful.



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