By Lauren Denos: 12/7/2015 (Mindset)

What is success? Many people categorize success by how much money they have or how well known they are, but there are other ways of judging success and it helps to know what kind of success drives you.

How happy are you? I have known people who are struggling with money and find the joy in every situation. That is an amazing ability. No matter what else happens in their lives they will see everything as another adventure. This is probably one of the greatest ways to live, because you are really living each moment. It is not about ignoring everything else so some day you can have the specific success you want, but seeing each day as something wonderful, different and unique. The point is that being happy can be a stand alone marker of success for you or you can use it as part of the puzzle and find ways to enjoy each situation. This way even when your other forms of success are taking some time to come to fruition you are still having the success of enjoying your life.

How much have you learned in your life and how wise are you? There are many cultures where they have a wise person and that is seen as successful. Not many people outside of their immediate area knows who they are, but they are held in high esteem. I find this interesting, especially since it is so different from the popular idea of success where I live. This type of success has nothing to do with material belongings it is about what you have learned in your life and usually how you are able to teach and relay those lessons to other people. Being able to pass on wisdom is quite a talent.

How many lives have you touched? I know a good amount of people who see this as their marker. They look to see how many people lives they have made a positive impact on. It could be that your invention helps people or just that you are doing what you can to spread kindness. This can be a good way to see how successful you are all on it's own, but you can pair this with other forms of success. Plenty of people aim to make a difference in peoples lives and they know if they are helping enough people the monetary success will follow as well.

Now I am not saying that money is bad and we should shrug off all material things. Heck, I plan on making more money. Money is a common currency and gives the ability to do many things. If you have enough money you can become Batman, and that seems like a good idea to me! But there are some people who are very successful in many things but are horrible sales people, this does not mean they are not successful, they are just not monetarily successful. You do not have to hate money or see it as evil to see other types of success as valid. You can be rich, wise, happy, and touch many peoples lives all at the same time.

The point is, there is more to success than just money. Take an honest look at what you see as successful for yourself. You can have money be a part of it and have other markers as well. In fact it can be good to have a few different ideas of what success is especially since you could be successful with how much you are producing but you may not be making money off of your venture for a few years. Does that mean you are not successful? No. It means that you are having a different type of success. Especially with a business, the monetary success can take time.

Personally I do not see why I can not use all of these as my success markers. How much money I am making, how many peoples lives I touch, how much I am enjoying myself and how much I am growing as a person. These are just a few examples of how you can chart your success. Having a few markers of success can help you to see what you are actually accomplishing and propel you forward. You can make anything a marker for your success. So think about it, what are a few ways you would like to measure your success.

I raise a glass to your success, Cheers!



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