By Lauren Denos: 6/22/2015 (Mindset)

Let's face it, sometimes we go through things that just straight up suck. We can get upset, scream cry, ask "why me?" We wish that we were not going through this event or challenge, but there may be a better way of looking at this.

Think about how this is helping you grow!

This challenge is building you into who you are meant to become. It does not mean that it is not still upsetting, but knowing that there is a purpose to it makes it easier to handle. For me, having food issues and other health concerns has put me on this path of teaching health and fitness. I started having issues at a very early age with foods and I jokingly say that if I did not have food allergies and sensitivities that I would probably live off of a steady diet of pizza and chocolate cake. Yes I am joking but really, that is probably not far off the mark. I probably would have done what so many people do, ate junk food all day long and then wonder what happened as my health failed me. Sure my food problem are a pain in the rear end, but it has put me on my career path, so in a way I have to be thankful for it. It was not a gentle nudge in the right direction but more like a forceful shove. Because of that, no matter what else I decide to do in my life I will always have a very strong involvement in health as well.

You may have something that comes up that veers you in a different direction than where you were originally headed, and that is a blessing, you just don't know it at the time. If you keep your eyes open to how this could be growing you, it makes it much easier to handle the hard times that come up. I always remind myself that no matter what is going on it will be for the best and something great will come of it. I am not saying that I am always at peace with what is going on, but I am at peace way more than I would be without taking this outlook on it.

What are you learning?

Life has a way of teaching us the lessons we need. Sometimes it starts off as a gentle whisper and then it turns into an angry shout. When you start to have some fatigue issues that is a whisper that you should be getting a little more sleep and reminding you to be nice to your body. When you ignore that whisper and drink a ton of coffee and eat sugar so you can keep working super hard, then the shouting starts. The shouting will be when you get sick or complete burn out. This is becoming more common place. We do not listen to what we should be doing to keep ourselves healthy and so more and more people are having health conditions show up.

What have you learned from what you are going through? Oh sure I know this can be hard to look at, and if you get angry when you read this question then you may not be ready to see what you are learning from the experience you are going through.

  • From food issues you can learn how to eat healthy in a much faster way than you would have without this issue showing up.

  • Stress is teaching you that you need to take a step back and enjoy life more

  • Body pains may be teaching you that you need to start treating yourself better.

Only you know the meaning behind what is going on. But I will say it makes life a lot easier when you pay attention from the get go instead of waiting for the hard lessons. We are all learning as we go and the difficult times in life can teach us some great lessons, you just have to be willing to see them.



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