By Lauren Denos: 1/2/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I am confused. There are so many weight loss pills on the market, which ones actually work?



Dear Becca,

The single best pill on the market is exercise and healthy eating! This pill works forever!

The problem is, if you have been eating right and working out for over a few months and have seen no progress –I don't mean small progress, but NO progress – then there is something else going on. A weight loss pill won't necessarily be the answer. For example, if it is a hormone imbalance in your body making it hard to lose weight then the stimulants in many of the weight loss pills could make your issue worse. Sometimes this will happen right away, other times later on. There are healthier weight loss products on the market with no stimulants in them, but they still do not work as well as a healthy diet and exercise will.

Getting your healthy habits in place will help you take off the weight and keep it off. Most people who take weight loss pills wind up yo-yoing. They will lose weight and then gain it all right back. Many times, they gain back more than they lost. In this case, it’s a huge IF whether or not the pills will even work for them.

I know I am not giving you the answer you want, but this is the answer that will serve you better. Take the time to plan out your meals, and put gym time in your schedule. No, it is not as easy as popping a pill, but if it were easy and if a pill like this actually existed then everyone would be taking it.

You can make these lifestyle changes and make them last! LIVE FULL OUT!



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