By Lauren Denos: 7/20/2015 (Mindset)

Depression is something that we all want to avoid, but it hits many of us whether we like it or not. Even if you are a normally positive person, once in a while you can still get down. The good news is even the bad emotions can become motivational if you will let them. Now at this point you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Hear me out on this one. This comes from personal experience.

Motivation is generally what we consider the positive emotion that kicks us into gear to accomplish something we want. On the other hand, depression usually hits when we are not accomplishing what we want. Both sides are creating focus. Either a hopeful focus on what you want or a hopeless focus on what you don’t want. Think about that for just a moment, both of these, the negative and positive are helping us to focus. We can use the negative trigger of what we don't want to propel us into action.

What I will do when something is getting me down, is I realize that this is something that is really bothering me. I accept that it is bothering me and I face it. I do not attempt to make it better instantly. Instead, I will acknowledge that I am depressed or upset, and then I will get to the heart of what is bothering me so I can start researching it. To start off, I find solutions to the issue at hand. This does not mean that the depression is gone as soon as I start finding solutions, but I do know that it cannot hang on too long once I start acting on solutions.

When you are depressed about something, you are thinking about what you do not have; therefore, you understand what you do want. This is merely helping you with the process of understanding what you want in life. Once you know what you don't want (and therefore do want) you can start looking into how to accomplish, solve, or fix the issue at hand.

Let's say you are depressed because you are having a really hard time losing weight. You eat right, you exercise every day, and you have been doing this for over a year, and while you see you have gotten stronger you have not lost any body fat. This can be a very upsetting scenario. So you look at everything. Have you really been eating as well as you should be? Have you really been getting in a good workout daily? You come to the conclusion you have been. So you start looking up possible causes for this issue and you see that some top reasons for something like this could be insulin resistance or other hormonal imbalances. Once you have determined this, you decide to find a good endocrinologist to get your hormones tested. It may not wind up being a hormone imbalance, you may have to go to multiple doctors until you find out what is wrong. The important part is to keep taking that next step until you solve the mystery. In this case you have used your depressed state of mind to look at the issue and look at other possible answers. This is not to say that you could not come to this conclusion while being in a positive state of mind, but many times it is when we are really low or at our ropes end that we finally see that something is wrong and realize that we must solve it. It can light the fire under your butt.

That said, this is not always an automatic easy thing to do. It takes learning to be aware of the mood swings you go through them, and becoming conscious of them. It does not mean that you will instantly solve the problem and get into a great mood again right away. You may still run to a comfort food and sulk for a while, but you just need to see why you are upset. Then you can start to mull it over and finally go into a state of wanting to look for an answer. When you find the possible options to solve your dilemma, write down very small actions you can take. Big jumps may make it seem hopeless again, but if you take small steps it will feel not so immense. Before you know it, you will have worked your way out of this depression.

This is just one tool I have used when encountering depression. It may not be for everyone, and for some the depression is related to an imbalance in the body due to poor food or other substances. In a case like that, you may not know why you are depressed, so you should seek professional help with an issue of this kind. This tool is useful if you deal with the temporary blues that many of us encounter. Always keep striving to live the life you desire. You deserve it.



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