By Lauren Denos: 6/5/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I am having gut issues. I am bloated, nauseous and tired all the time, and honestly getting really frustrated. What are your top picks for gut healing supplements?

Thank you,


Dear Reggie,

If you are not working with a doctor, you should be. They will be able to help you figure out what is going on and the right things to do. For each person the best supplements are going to be different. It really depends on what kind of gut issue you have and the severity that you are working with. Since you are asking my personal pics I will tell you what I continue to use to keep my gut in check or what I use when I have a flair up of some kind.

Colostrum. I have read so much about the different ways that this can help the body but my favorite things it does is gut repair. I take this regularly.

Probiotics. Most people who have or had gut issues would do well to stay on a good probiotic to help keep the good gut bacteria flourishing and the other gut bacteria in check.

Peppermint oil gels or liquid oil. This is a great way to calm down the stomach. When you are having gut issues many times the whole system is in an upheaval. This can make it necessary to use something like and antacid or pepto type product. When I am having a recurrence of guts issues, taking the peppermint regularly helps me keep and nausea or stomach irritation at bay.

Lemon Juice. I drink fresh squeezed lemon juice with water and stevia (you can use honey if you prefer) to help keep the acidity levels up in my stomach to help with digestion. Besides helping the acidity it just tastes good and is cheap.

A good multi vitamin and B complex can help with over all health and energy. This is good since energy seems to be in short supply when dealing with gut issues.

No matter what supplements you are taking, the number 1 most important thing to do is eat a clean diet that is conducive for what you are working with. I know for me when I start to add too many things that are not ideal for me, I can suddenly have to deal with gut issues

like excessive bloating,  a candida problem, food sensitivity issues all over again. I am not perfect and have my slip ups just like everyone else, but these times are good reminders of why I eat the way I normally do, because I want to feel good. So yes, supplements will help but if you are eating food that is hurting you, no amount of supplements are going to fix the issue. You may also want to get Doug Kaufmann's book called The Fungus Link. It talks about fungal issues including candida issues. This area is his focus so he has a lot of great information including eating suggestions. You can do an elimination diet as well to determine trouble foods that you may be reacting to.

Your mindset will be a big component as well. The biggest lessons I have learned from these issues are: Do the best you can with what you have. Be patient, these things do not heal over night. Find ways to make healthy food enjoyable, it is the difference between sticking with it and saying forget it. Do not compare yourself to others, when you see someone else eating pizza and having tons of energy and seeming to have no health issues it can be irritating but they have their own battles too, you just may not see it. Focus on doing what is right for you instead. You will come out the other side of this!




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