By Lauren Denos: 1/8/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have started to workout, but I find myself so low on energy all the time. What can I do to boost my energy?

Thank you,


Dear Tanya,

This is a very big topic. The best thing to do is go see a doctor who deals with this sort of thing. I have dealt with this myself and found that I had to go to many doctors to find one that understood what was going on. Ultimately, I have found that an integrative doctor is a great choice since they look at the western medicine side of things, but they will also look at the holistic side like your eating habits. They are good about telling you to take a supplement verses a pill if possible.

This could range from a very simple issue to a very complex one. The simple ones could be that you are working out too much, you are too stressed, or you are not eating as good as you could. Still another option could be that you are not getting enough sleep. You just may need a better multi vitamin or a B complex vitamin.

The more serious stuff could be: hormone imbalances, blood sugar problems, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue. The list can go from there as well. So, rather than speculate, it is best just to get to the root of it. For any of these serious things, you need someone who can do the tests to find out what is going on. Trust me you will save yourself years of torment by just getting it taken care of now verses guessing about it yourself.

Get this taken care of ASAP so you can enjoy life more! LIVE FULL OUT!



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