By Lauren Denos: 4/3/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been looking at buying a fitness tracking watch, and was wondering how useful they really are?



Hey Karla,

The tracking watches are fun, because they tell you how far you walking in a day. If you are watching you intake and usage of calories, then it can be good to use one of these. However, a problem with them is that everyone’s watch says a different amount of steps taken, either under or over what you have actually done by quite a fair amount. Another thing is that many of the watches only track steps you take, but this is not really telling you much. The speed you are going at, whether you are going up hills or upstairs and so on is important information, because that varies how hard you are actually working. You should not see this as the only exercise you should do. The walking is great, but you should be mixing it up with other forms of cardio and weight or body weight training.

My overall thought on them is that they are a fun thing to play with, and I do not think they do any harm. If they are keeping you motivated to walk more than they are actually a benefit. Use it as a fun game to see what you can get up to each day. Just do not rely on them for accurate information on the calories you have burned or the steps you take.

Have fun with it and do not take it super seriously.




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