By Lauren Denos: 9/21/2015 (Mindset)

Are you someone who is constantly stressed about reaching your goals and doing whatever it takes without enjoying the process? Guess what, the journey is the destination.

I have always been that person who was so excited to move on to the next thing. When I got my first book done, I was thrilled for about a minute until I thought, okay I better get onto the next book. This is a common theme in my life that I have been learning to change. What I am learning to do is to stop rushing everything so damn much and to focus on the process instead of going from point A to point B with blinders on. Do you find yourself doing this? Do you enjoy the process of what you are working for or do you just power through anything so that you can accomplish you goal? Keep in mind that the actual goal you will achieve is just a small blip in your existence where as the journey or process is 99% of your life. When you think about it that way it makes sense to pay attention to the journey and enjoy it.

You still want a goal.

This does not mean that you should avoid having a goal, in fact having a goal is a very good thing, A goal lets you know what you want over all. And knowing what you want is what helps you create the process you will be working on daily. A goal is great, you just need to realize that even if you have a goal the real point is that the journey is really what you are after, it is the experience, the meat and potatoes of your life. Besides you may accomplish a goal and have it not be what you thought it would be, but if you enjoyed the process and learned along the way then you will still feel like it was worth while and that you have succeeded.

You are never truly done.

You can also release a lot of the stress that comes along with working towards your goals when you learn to see the process as what your aim is. Because really are you ever truly done? This goes doubly so for anything with fitness, because you are never really done. When you accomplish a fitness goal for example like losing a few inches, very rarely will you get there and say that is all you want, goal accomplished! No, you get to that point and possibly want to tone up more or you want to increase your strength, it is never done.

Enjoy what you do.

Make sure you find something you like or better yet love so you can enjoy the process instead of thinking you need to rush to the finish line. Some people decide that they need to become a lawyer for the prestige and the money but they do not take the time to think about whether this is something they actually love. If they do not love this it is going to be a process they do not enjoy so more than likely they are going to ignore the process. They are doing something they do not like for a huge portion of their lives, verses if they were doing something they loved every day would be an awesome adventure. This goes for fitness too, if you hate running then choose a different sport because you will not be enjoying the process. Find something you can enjoy because the plan is to be with it for the long haul.

Only do as much as you can handle

Trust that you can accomplish what you have set a goal to do, take the steps you need to do it, but take a breath and enjoy these steps. Only put as much on your plate as you can actually do in a decently easy way. If there is a ton of stress in your life then you may have put a few too many things on your plate. Challenging yourself is one thing, that is when you are stretching a bit and may have to give up some TV time or just general down time to accomplish something. But if you put so much on your plate that you have to be missing out on the sleep you need or meals and you have no down time at all then you have overloaded yourself. It is time to reassess. I admit this is one of my challenge points as well, I simplify things and then I start loading too much back on my plate and then I have to simplify again. The funny thing is you will actually wind up accomplishing more when you are simplifying verses doing everything you can possibly think of.

Get Control

Being focused on the process puts more control in your court. You may not always be in perfect control of an outcome or how it will happen, but you are in control of your day to day processes towards your goals. You can gain a nice level of confidence when you focus on the process, this is because whether your goal happens exactly as you want it to or not you will still feel great about the things you get done daily in the processes that you have created. When you focus on the process you may wind up seeing amazing opportunities that you would not have seen if you were only solely focused on the outcome with blinders on.

You are already good enough

Stop worrying about whether you are good enough. When you are in this mind frame it is easy to feel like you need to accomplish big things fast. Realize that you are great just as you are now right where you are. This will free you up to enjoy the journey no matter where it may take you. This seems to be a common thing for many people. Chances are everyone already thinks you are amazing, the real trick is you need to see it for yourself. Take the time to really see how much you have accomplished. Do you remember the process to getting your goals accomplished? Was it fun? You have accomplished so much already it is time to test out having a more calm mind and enjoying yourself.

Take a look at yourself

Take a good look at what you are working towards. Is it something you enjoy? Have you been taking the time to enjoy the process? If not then why? Do you think you will accomplish things slower or that you will not be taken as seriously? Test this out and see what happens. You are allowed to have fun on the road to accomplishing your dreams, so start living your life!



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