By Lauren Denos: 10/19/2015 (Mindset)

Everything we read or watch whether it is based on a true story or fiction can teach us something. In fact sometimes it is even easier to take in lessons from fiction since you see it as pure entertainment and therefore you do not get resistant like when someone is teaching you a direct lesson. When you are being taught a direct lesson it is easy to analyze everything and make it harder to let in. But fiction is just a beautiful story, and you don't worry about whether you believe it or not.

Recently some friends introduced me to the show Dr Who. I love Sci fi, Fantasy, Superheros etc but I tend to be very busy so I do not watch every new or old show around, so it can take some time for me to decide to watch a new show. I was so glad I did. There are so many great lessons that can be learned from The Doctor. These are a few of the lessons I have extracted from the show.

Always enjoy wherever you are at.

The Doctor never quite knows where he is going to end up, and for him it does not really matter. Wherever he is, that is the perfect place for him. He enjoys himself no matter where he is and no matter the circumstance, well almost always.

See obstacles as an adventure.

The Doctor is always coming up against massive obstacle and he takes them in stride. They are just one more fun puzzle to solve, one more grand obstacle to overcome, it is all part of the adventure. If we could see our obstacles this way just imagine how much our lives could change!

Laugh through it all

He laughs even when in danger. He has dealt with so many obstacles and circumstances that it is now just a regular part of daily life, so he laughs like a mad man and enjoys the challenge and sees the humor in everything.

Stay fascinated

He is always fascinated, much like a child. The world is this great big puzzle or mystery that has yet to be solved and he will solve as much of it as he can. He is fascinated by every new race and opportunity that comes his way even when it is dangerous.

Stay open.

Things change and no one stays round forever. The Doctor knows things will always change, he knows that no one will stay around with him forever, but he doesn’t let that stop him from making friends and enjoying the time he has with each person while they are there.

Get help.

He pretty much always has a companion to help him. He seems to hate asking for help but at the same time he does it when he needs it..... usually. He understands that he is powerful, amazing and brilliant, but sometimes he still needs someone else to help him.

Use your emotions to fuel you.

He has deep amount of sorrow and loneliness and he uses it to fuel him to do better things with his life. Many people have depression problems but can you take a page from The Doctor and use it to propel you to do something with your life?

Imagine if you took all these examples I have given you on The Doctor and put them into play in your life. How different would things be? How enjoyable? It does not matter where your motivation comes from as long as you find some. No one persons form of motivation is better than someone else's. It is all about what works for you. Use the things that touch your life whether they are a documentary or a Sci Fi show of an insane doctor. As long as it inspires you!



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