By Lauren Denos: 6/2/2015 (Fitness)

Swiss balls are a great way to get a good workout with one simple piece of equipment, plus Swiss balls are really inexpensive. All you need is a little room in your living room or bedroom and you are good to go. You can scale this workout depending on what you are wanting to do. Aim for 3 sets of each exercise. If you only have a few minutes for a workout then do one set of each. If you want to make this harder then you can add in weights to some of these and do more sets.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

20 Mountain climbers
Keep your back as flat as you can while performing these, and move as fast as you can while keeping good form.


15 Abdominal squeezes
There are two different ways I am showing you this exercise. You can either keep your feet on the ground or lift them up. The point of the exercise is to squeeze the ball between your hands and your knees by using your abdominal muscles. Breath out while you squeeze. Keep focusing on squeezing as had as you can.

1 lap around the block or 20 more mountain climbers

15 Wall squats with ball

Like any squat make sure you are pressing through the heels and squeezing your glutes. You want the squeezing of the glutes to be so strong that it makes you stand back up.

20 Mountain climbers

15 Inner thigh squeeze

This is a very simple exercise. All you are doing is squeezing the ball between your legs. This is specifically to work the inner thighs.

1 lap around the block or 20 more mountain climbers

10 Roll outs into push ups 

Keep your back straight and your abs strong. you do not want to be sagging down or arching your back. If you can not do full pushups then just go down as far as you can. Depending on your strength you may only be able to get one done. Only do what you can and if you can do 10 that is great. If not then that is just something to build up to.


20 Mountain climbers

15 Reverse crunches

For this exercise the wider you have your feet the easier it is to balance. If you would like more of a challenge then bring your feet closer together. This is specifically meant to work the lower back.

1 lap around the block or 20 more mountain climbers

Swiss ball sitting balance hold as long as you can

Yes this looks very simple, and for some with good balancing skills it may be. But for many this is much more difficult than it looks. Balancing this way really helps the core muscles. If this is easy then add other exercises to it like a shoulder press.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Cardio of your choice



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