By Lauren Denos: 5/25/2015 (Mindset)

Over analyzing Slows Down Creation

There are plenty of people who have so many amazing ideas of thing they can create, activities they want to do, something they want to explore. So why do people not follow through more often on their amazing ideas? They are over thinking it!

Let's be clear. I am not saying to not think about what you are doing at all before you do it. It is good to look at an idea and have a decent idea of how you are going to get started, and if it is even something you would like to put the time and effort into. But there comes a time when you need to stop thinking about every single detail and start taking steps to make it a reality. Let's look at some steps you can take to stop over analyzing everything so you can get more done.

#1 Do not get overwhelmed. Many people have something they would like to do, but instead of thinking about the first step or even just the first few steps they have to take, they think about the entire project from start to finish and whether they need to plan it all or do it all right now. You only have to take one step at a time. To do this effectively, break down the big picture into small manageable steps. For example, if you are wanting to finally get into your "Prefect" shape, do not think about how a year from now you may be working out daily or your diet may be completely different with no pizza! Because really you have no idea if that is even true. Rather, think about changing one small thing in your diet, like adding in 1/2 cup of vegetables into every meal and going on a 3 mile walk/run. When that is all you are worried about, planning the next step becomes easier, and the one after that, etc.

#2 Give yourself a time limit to decide what you want to do. This way you will not be spending the next 2 years thinking about what workout you want to start or what eating program you want to use. You can always change it anyway, so do not stress about it. This goes for any decision in life. Now, some bigger decisions should have longer time frames to make your decision, but when you look at your life do you tend to think on every decision too much because it may be the wrong one? It is time to start being more decisive and making your decisions. You will discover it is one of the most empowering things you can do.

#3 Do some sort of action towards what you want even if it is small. Stop just thinking about it. You are not set forever on one course of action. If you decide you do not like where you are headed, you can always change it. But if you are always just thinking about it, you will waste your life away wondering why you never did anything. Stop theorizing about stuff and just do something. This means if you have been thinking about getting in shape and want to plan out exactly what you want to do for exercise but have not nailed it out completely, just go on a walk. That walk is taking some action while you figure out the rest. This same principle goes for many other areas of your life. For example, if you have been thinking about starting a business but still are not sure about how you want to go about it, then just start researching names. Write down what your potential business would do. This is at least taking some action towards what you are thinking about.

#4 Don't let fear get in your way! One big key factor is FEAR, also known as False Evidence Appearing Real. That is one of the big kickers, you let yourself get freaked out about possibilities that may not even ever happen. You have no way of knowing how things will actually turn out, so there is no reason to freak out about it. All you can do is the best you can in each moment. Having fear when you face a mountain lion is a real and healthy response, but fear from contemplating how your business that you have not even started may fail, is your mind playing games. Do not react on things based from this false evidence place. Look for the facts and the truth before you judge a situation, if there are any facts to be had. You may succeed and you may fail, but if you do not start on the thing you want to do, you have failed anyway.

When you are afraid you may also justify and rationalize every choice you are making or actually lack thereof. This is very common, people do it for many, many things in their lives. The problem with this can be that you can come up with a ton of excuses of why you should not do something and sometimes you are right, but many times you are just making excuses because you are afraid of something not working out. Pay attention to when you are making these excuses and ask yourself if this excuse is an actual good reason not to do this, or if you are just making excuses to not take a risk.

#5 Focus on the current moment. I am just as guilty as anyone else of living in the future and am working more on staying present in this moment. This moment right now is the only one we know we have. We need to have enough vision of the future to know what we are working towards, this can motivate us. We also need to remember the past because we have learned a lot of useful lessons, and it would be silly not to pay attention to them. But we need to put most of our attention on what we are doing right now, this moment came about because of your past and it will directly affect your future. Now is the bridge between the past and the future, and if you ignore the bridge, it will eventually collapse from not being attended to. As a result, you do not make it to the future you desire. Besides it really is true that the only time you can be sure you have is this moment. Stop stressing out about the rest of it. It is not helping you.

#6 Stop worrying about being perfect, or anything being perfect for that matter. There is no such thing as perfect. Even that woman that you see in the gym with the "perfect" body is not perfect. There is something you do not see. It could be that she looks good, but has some other unseen health issue going on. Aside from not being able to see the whole picture of the people and lives around you, even if a body is great, what is perfect? If multiple people were looking at the same body, they would have completely different ideas on it. While some will say she is too muscular, too soft, or too skinny, others will say too stocky, too tall, or that her left calf and right calf are not symmetrical enough. The point is, nothing is perfect so stop thinking that you or anything you are producing needs to be perfect.

#7 Find ways to relax. Sometimes you just need to be able to relax and let your mind clear. We can wind up thinking so much about something that it starts to become and automatic loop. The thoughts start to pile on top of each other, and we wind up getting interference. At that point, you are more confused and the over analyzing takes on a whole new level of insanity. By having a way to calm down your mind, you will find that the answer you seek will most likely come to the surface. Any way that works for you to calm your mind is fine. It may be listening to calming music, dancing, going for a walk and getting some fresh air, or taking a hot bath. It does not matter what it is, it just matters that you find what works for you. In fact, having multiple tools is a great thing because while a hot bath may work best for you, you may not be able to leave work to take a bath in the middle of the day.

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