By Lauren Denos: 10/21/2015 (Fitness)

Yes you are awesome just the way you are, but we always want to work on improving ourselves, right? Squats to the rescue! This workout is all about squats. The firmer your glutes get the better you will be at making diamonds from those bad buns of steel, not to mention it makes other things easier too, like picking up heavy boulders off the ground without hurting yourself, or grocery bags.

Curtsy squat

Want to be more lady like? Okay maybe this will not help that much, but the name will at least make you think you are being proper. For this exercise take one leg behind the other and then go into a squat. You will have the majority of your weight on the front leg and the back leg will be more of a supporting leg. Keep the foot of the front leg planted and press through the heel of the foot.

Sumo Squat Hold

Pretending you are a sumo wrestler holding this stance while staring down your opponent can make it so much more interesting. You want a stance that is wider that shoulder width. In some martial arts they have their feet pointed forward with this stance. Much of the time in the exercise world we set our feet at a 45 degree angle. You can use either of these foot positions, which ever feels better for you. Squat down as deep as you can. Parallel to the floor is optimal. Keep your body as upright as possible and hold this as long as you can.

Sumo Squat Spin

This is using the same sumo squat position you did above but now you are moving with it. Go into your squat stance, squat and then when you are coming up use some momentum and force to bring one foot of the ground and spin around on the other foot. When you are spinning around on your foot you are coming up onto the ball of the foot for easier pivoting. Then when you are turned the other way simply do another squat. Test this forward, backward or going in a line switching off and make sure you do both sides.

Vanilla Squat hold or “The Chair”

Those who have had to hold the chair pose knows how menacing the name can be. I call the general simple squat "vanilla", not because it is boring or somehow less important than other squats, but rather because it is the original. In fact the vanilla squat should be a regular in your routines. For this exercise all you are doing is going into a basic squat position. Keep your upper body as upright as possible, feet forward and do not let your knees go over your toes. You are supposed to sit back into the position, so think of kicking your but back. If you can have your thighs parallel to the ground that is optimal, but only do what you can, even doing mini squat hold can be of great value.

Squat Jumps

Because I figure you have not had enough yet, let's tack just a little more of a butt burn onto this workout. Same position you did above with the vanilla squat hold but now you will be using some momentum to jump as high as you can into the air and then as smoothly as possible go right back into the squat position. Think about jumping for joy because you are creating a stronger bootay.

There you have it! Get going and give your derriere the boost that it needs. Happy butt boosting!



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