By Lauren Denos: 9/28/2015 (Mindset)

Self care is exactly what it sounds like, it is the stuff we do to take care of ourselves. This can be many things like a workout, some down time, eating healthy food we enjoy, and so much more. Too many people see self care as a waste of time. I can understand because many of the self care options feels like we are slowing down and not getting as much done, but when you do these things it makes you able to really make the most of the rest of your time. The problem is we do not see the results right away from self care like we would when we are getting an important report done.

I have been one of these people myself, at least with some aspects of self care. I have no issue working out and making good food for myself, but when it comes to giving myself the days off from exercise my body needed, or to do some meditation, or just simple stress relief I would ignore it, this is because it was boring, this was the stuff that did not produce anything, but oh how wrong I was. The calm "seems like nothing" self care activities like meditation is what allows me to come at things with a fresh mind, of not rushing things. Because of this what happens is the projects I create come out better, because I take the time to think about them more and do them to the best of my abilities instead of doing them super fast just to get it done.

Many people today take care of everyone else but they are not taking care of their own basic needs. This becomes a problem. When you do this you are telling yourself that you are not worth the time and that you do not really care about yourself. Taking care of everyone else and not taking care of yourself can eventually have bad consequences such as getting sick, getting so burnt out that you don't want to do anything for anyone anymore, and even getting bitter about the whole situation. Let go of the guilt. You are worth taking care of. Yes it is great to help others, but you are worth it too.

Ways to take care of yourself

  1. Meditation or simple relaxation time. This has shown to do wonders for stress levels, and honestly, many of us have plenty of stress.

  2. Take time to prep food that is not only healthy but taste. Healthy food is a big part of self care, but enjoying that food is also very important, otherwise it can feel like a punishment.

  3. Workout. Yes, working out. This is what makes your body stronger to handle all of the obstacles life can throw at you.

  4. Sleep! It is crazy that I even have to tell you that sleep is an important part of self care. Without sleep your body does not repair and your brain does not get a chance to process everything from your day.

  5. Reading. This gives you the time to not only unwind but escape into another world or learn something new. This can be a great thing to give yourself.

  6. Journaling. For some people jounaling thoughts and feeling are important so they do not bottle them up. Maybe you want to journal all of the good things that happened in your day as a way of feeling good and seeing all of your blessings.

  7. Having quiet coffee time. There is something about having some personal quiet time with a really good cup of coffee or tea, it may sound super simple, but sometimes the simple things go a long way.

  8. Have a pampering day. For some people self acre is getting a manicure and getting their hair done or going to the sauna. There are plenty of women that feel so good and pampered by this that they feel rejuvenated for the next month.

  9. Taking a class. Do you put off learning something new because you do not want to take the time? That little bit of time you will spend on learning shows you that you are a priority and you will show it in your confidence level which is good for everyone around you.

  10. Create some art work. I know a lot of people who really want to express their artistic side but see it as frivolous and a waste of time. Painting can be a lot like a meditation and help you find that calm happy center in yourself. And really it does not have to be a super time consuming or expensive hobby.

These are just a few examples, everyone will have a different way that they like to take care of themselves. What do you need to add more of into your life that you avoid? For some people it is the really active stuff like working out and for others it is the mellow quiet stuff like meditation. What do you put off as unimportant? Is it really unimportant or are you just playing the martyr and forgoing what you need in life? Start to incorporate the things that will make you feel better and your life happier, stop putting if off.



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