By Lauren Denos: 10/13/2014 (Nutrition)

Have you noticed how you can eat an amazing meal, and feel that you never get enough of it? Even after consuming two, huge two platefuls. This is because we eat too fast, or get distracted while we eat. When we slow down and savor our food, however, we are getting the enjoyment from it; the way that eating should be. Many times, though, we realize we do not need one plateful, much less two. Eating slower makes us more conscious of when we are full, and provides the opportunity to get the full enjoyment of the taste of the food we are consuming. Therefore, we also get the satisfaction feeling that fulfills our hunger and cravings. So, next time you are eating, slow down. Take the time to enjoy each and every bite. Taste all the different flavors.

Eating is meant to be enjoyed. It does not need to feel torturous, despite what some trainers say. Rather, we should enjoy everything in life. Workouts and food are included in that. If you use food as a source of fuel, then awesome; however, not many of us live by that standard.

In fact, many of us believe food is an experience. If you are one of these people, then dieting doesn’t breed much positive results for you. After a short time, you tend to revert back to what you enjoy. In other words, dieting cuts the fun out of eating, which, in turn, counteracts your way to healthy living. To get healthy, you have to have a goal in mind, while still enjoying your food, right? Why else would you be doing it? So, enjoy your food! No fast-paced eating sessions where it feels like you’re inhaling your food. But, really enjoy it! This might make you naturally want to eat less because you are getting full in a healthy way. That said, use this method and find healthier versions of the foods you love!

To better illustrate savoring food verses food deprivation, I will share the following story:

I had a client, Susie, who would feed her family the most amazing flavorful meals, while only feeding herself a plain salad. Now, Suzie had amazing taste in food. She loved to cook, and could have really enjoyed fine food had she not tortured herself. What no one knew is that Suzie ate flavorless food, and then binged on more tasty morsels and junk food in private. She soon became depressed, overweight, and unhealthy, while only caused her habit to increase. When she came to me, I agreed to help her with her eating disorder and integrated helpful workouts. I instructed her to eat the same foods she fed her family, in addition to partaking of dessert every night.

As I say this, I can hear you all protesting, “Wait, dessert every night? Isn’t that the opposite of healthy eating?” In short, not for her. Together, she and I were working on getting her mind in a healthy place first.

For Susie, any old dessert would not do. Oh no! As aforementioned, Suzie knew food. Therefore, she took the time to select the perfect, delicate gourmet dessert each night. What’s more, she enjoyed every bite of it!

What happened with her was amazing! Not only did Suzie start losing, but she also began to mentally feel better about herself. Finally, she granted herself permission to enjoy food, and stopped punishing herself. She also decided to go back to school and peruse the career she had always wanted. In the end, Suzie learned how to savor her food, and her life.

Everyone can learn from her experience. It’s really ok to give yourself permission to savor the food you eat.

To start this process, start by focusing on your food. That’s right, no multi-tasking! Concentrate on the flavor. It’s really amazing how the things we think we love can suddenly not taste good, and things that we were not that interested in become enticing. All through paying attention to the flavor and texture of our food.

What do you do while you eat? Are you satisfied afterward, or are you always craving more?

If you are dissatisfied, try slowing down at your next meal. Don’t have any distractions while you eat. You might surprise yourself, and discover that food tastes very different than you originally thought. It also may help you eat less without depriving yourself.



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