By Lauren Denos: 5/18/2015 (Fitness)

You can workout in your home, but sometimes it is nice to get outside. Besides when you are outside you have room for sprinting! For many of you, your back yard will be plenty big for this workout, for others there are usually plenty parks around to use. There is minimal equipment I use for this workout. You can either use a medicine ball for the ball throwing or you can use a sports ball with some of the air taken out (you do not want the ball to bounce too high). For the long jumps if you want you can set up two markers of where to start and where you want to jump to. This will at least give you a good reference point. If you need to lighten this up then instead of sprinting you can do a regular run or a light jog between sets. Aim for 3 rounds but if you need to lighten it up just do one set of everything.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Find a stretch of ground and sprint for as log as you can. If you are in a smaller back yard then you may want to sprint laps. If you are very new to this you may not even be able to sprint one length of your back yard. If you are more advanced then you may be able to do 10 sprint laps. Do what you can do. The point is to push yourself, but not to the point of injury.

10 Bench Jumps
If you can only do 5 or less that is fine, if 10 is not challenging enough then you may want to do more of them, find a higher surface to jump on or you may want to add some weights into the mix. On jump as high as you feel comfortable doing. If a bench is too high for comfort then find something lower to the ground to start. Focus on landing lightly. You do not want to slam down on your feet. At fist this may not make sense, but once you have done these for a while you will understand the concept of landing lightly.

100 Jump Rope Rotations
You can do more or less rotations depending on your level of fitness. I personally like to use a weighted rope for an added challenge.

20 Forward Bear Crawl
This is just what it sounds like, crawl like a bear on all fours. You want your left leg coming forward while your right arm is reaching forward and your right leg coming forward while your left hand is reaching forward. Keep moving foward like this for 20 repetitions. This is great for coordination but can be quite awkward at first.


15 Ball Throws
In this exercise it is pretty obvious that you are using your arms but you want to be engaging your abdominals. When you throw the ball at the ground breath out and squeeze the abdominals. Throw the ball with as much force as you can and make sure you throw it a little ways in front of you so that it does don't bounce back up into your face.

100 Jump Rope Rotations

10 Long Jumps
I admit in these pics it does not look like I move anywhere, but trust me I did. You are going to start from one spot and pic a spot in the distance and see how far you can jump. This is a squat leap motion, start from a squat spring up and forward and then end in another squat and then repeat.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Light Cardio- a walk, run, bike ride etc.



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