By Lauren Denos: 4/15/2015 (Fitness)

This is a workout for the people who are too busy to do a long workout. These exercises are 2 in 1, helping you get more of a complete workout in a lot less time. Take a walk each day at lunch if possible. It will not only help you get in better shape, but also get your blood moving allowing you to have better energy throughout your day. On the days in between the weight training, do cardio for as long as this routine would normally take you. Even a 10 minute run can make a difference. For this workout you can use regular weights, paint cans, water bottles, grocery bags or duffel bags filled with something heavy like cans or bags of beans.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

#1 Squat & Forward Shoulder Raises

For this exercise you want to be doing a regular squat, like you are sitting back into a chair and at the same time be lifting your arms up into a forward shoulder raise. Think of raising up your weights to set them on a table. Keep your heels grounded and do not let your knees go over your toes. When coming up from the squat press through your heels and the outer edge of your feet. If your knees are buckling or bowing the shorten your range of motion. You can always put a chair behind you so it gives you a marker of when you have reached the proper depth, or as a way to help you feel more secure if you are new to squats. Keep the chest up and the abs tight.


#2 Sumo Squat & Bicep Curls


For the sumo squat think of doing a ballet plie. Each foot will be pointing at a 45 degree angle and your knees stay pressed out. Only go down so far as to where you can keep your back straight if you start to round your back then you are going to far. Keep your elbows at your side and the weights in from of your legs. With the bicep curl do not let your elbows move forward to back. Keep them stable. And always keep the chest up and the abs tight.

#3 Lunges & Side Shoulder Raises
Start by standing with feet together, then take one giant step back. This movement is a downward movement not a forward movement. Focus on lowering your back knee straight down to the ground. With lunges you do not want your front knee to go over your toes, if that happens then you are moving forward instead of straight down. Press up through your front food. Think of your back foot as just a supporting foot. At the same time that you are doing a lunge you will be raising your arms to the side parallel to the ground for a side shoulder raise. Make both the lunge and the shoulder raise as smooth of a movement as you can. You can either do one leg at a time and do all your reps or you can switch back and forth between legs for each movement.
#4 Chair Pose & Reverse Fly’s
A chair pose is essentially holding a squat. Same principles apply, you do not want the knees to go over the toes. Because we are pairing this one with a reverse fly you will have your back positioned a little bit more forward than with a usual chair pose. While you hold the chair pose you will do a reverse fly. To do a reverse fly, start your position as if you are hugging a barrel. Your arms keep this bend throughout the whole workout. Then you will pivot from the shoulder and focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together. Think of pinching a pencil or someones fingers with your shoulder blades. Pay attention to your shoulders and traps (where the shoulders and the neck meet), make sure you are not tensing up and raising them. You should keep them depressed, whenever you need to stop and shake out to relieve any should shrugging action.


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