By Lauren Denos: 10/14/2014 (Fitness)

Having a hard time getting yourself motivated to workout? So are a lot of people. Time to change that!

Many people have issues with not working up to their potential. This is especially true when someone is new to working out. But there are some tricks that you can employ to give yourself an added boost.

Here are some tricks to help you push yourself:

  1. Fast-paced Music

    This is great when you have something that also has a fast beat, because many times you will start to go with that pace without even really realizing it. Music, many times, can make us feel like we are just having more fun with what we are doing as well. In this way, our workout can become a type of dance.

  2. Know That When It's Hard, You Are Getting Stronger

    An important point to understand. Feel that burn in your muscles when you are working out, and embrace it. Know you are rocking it! There is something to learning to embrace the burn.

  3. Workout With a Trainer

    Sometimes, you just need someone else to push you. Especially if you are in a lazy phase. The great part about working out with a good trainer is they understand how to motivate. They also understand how to workout for the best results.

  4. Find Something You Like to Do

    This is one of the most important puzzle pieces for exercise. If you do not like something, you generally are not going to want to stick with it for long. As a result, you will create a yo-yo pattern, much like unrealistic diets do. So, finding something you like is essential. There is a multitude of activities and classes available. If you like to dance, take a dance class. If you like sports, join a soccer or basketball team; if you are more into outdoor adventures, then start doing some trail running or rock climbing. The possibilities are endless. But, if you do something you like, you are far less likely to skip workouts or quit because you enjoy it so much!

  5. Create Goals and Remember Them

    When you have a goal to work towards, you have more of a reason to do what you are doing. If you are working out so you can have more stamina to play with your kids, or to have the mental clarity to excel in your job, you will be more likely to want to do it. It's always good to have a reason. Goal also make you feel accomplished and successful, which also boosts the motivation to workout.

  6. Visualize What You Want to Achieve

    Maybe finishing your first marathon is something you are working towards. Use it! When you are working out, see yourself crossing that finish line. Think of how you are going to feel when you have accomplished this goal. Keep your eyes on the endpoint and prize!

  7. Create a Mantra

    It could be as simple as "I can do more," or, "I am strong, I got this!" Mantras can be a powerful boost. Test it out the next time you are working out. Especially when you start to feel tired – see what happens!

  8. Be Thankful

    When you are feeling down about working out, think about how lucky you are that you are healthy enough to workout. That can put a bit of a bounce in your step. Positivity always helps!

  9. Do Something Different

    It is easy to feel blah about your workout if you are bored or stagnant. So, in those times, test out a new activity to learn. This can put the spice back into things and be just what you need.

  10. Do Some Interval Training

    Changing the pace between your exercises can be more entertaining. This can be great because you can go between two very different workouts, and keep it high-paced with a splash of variety. For instance, you could be doing one set of a weight bearing exercise, followed up by a sprint or some jump rope. Then, you could keep jumping back and forth between weights and cardio for an intense, yet much more entertaining, workout.

  11. Give Yourself Rewards

    Tell yourself that if you finish strong, then you get to have some down time in the hot tub, or another type of self-pampering. For example, if you finish a week or month of strong workouts that you will buy a new pair of shoes. It is best to think of rewards that are not food related because this, naturally, opens up a different can of worms.

  12. Focus

    Concentrate deeply. Be in the present moment. This will give you the best rep possible. Although this technique doesn’t work for everyone, it’s still a good habit to create when exercising. Those who are perfectionists, particularly – this one is for you! Completely engrossing yourself in your goals really helps you to hone in on the finish line, and pushes your body to do the best it can do.

  13. Envision Yourself as Your Favorite Superhero or Action Star

    This is a super fun one! You can imagine you are Wonder Woman, Katniss Everdeen, the Rock, or Riddick. These bad asses would not let anything stop them! They push themselves because they know they can do it! So, why can’t you adapt the same strength and thought processes? Tap into what makes them successful and motivated. Ask yourself what they would do in your shoes. Better yet, just pretend you are that person, and do what they would do.

  14. Take a Class

    Classes are great because they set a tempo for you. They will be different, so that you cannot get completely used to them. Many find them more fun because they are working out with other people, and creating a camaraderie with those other individuals. There are so many types of exercise classes available. You can choose different ones all the time if you are really serious about getting a solid variety.

Every person is different and is motivated by different things.

Remember that some of the techniques will work for you, and others may not. But never be afraid to test them out to see which ones you like and work for you. Keep in mind that there is a difference between pushing yourself to workout harder, and pushing yourself too hard that you get injured. Be keenly aware of the difference between a burn that you are feeling in your muscles, and a pain that may be a joint or a strain. Pushing the boundaries on what we can do is a great thing, just make sure you pay attention to your body and what it is telling you.



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