By Lauren Denos: 8/11/2014 (Mindset)

One of the things I have heard soooo many times is “I don't have enough time to be healthy”. I do not doubt you are insanely busy, what I am here to tell you is that you are simply making up excuses. One thing I have learned this far is that there is always a way to do what you want and if you are not doing it's because you don't want to.

Lets say you want to be a fitness model. If you are not actively doing it, it does not mean you do not want to be doing it, however if you really want it you will be taking steps towards it and not making excuses. But when you say “I want to be healthier, but I just can't find the time to put it into my schedule”. That is you cheating yourself.

Let's examine a scenario that is actually fairly common to make this point. There is a single mother of two and career woman. This woman gets up at the crack of dawn, packs lunches, feeds her kids, while prepping for the days board meeting. She takes the kids to school, rushes to work and arrives just in time. She puts in a full day at work, picks up the kids, takes them to soccer practice, home to cook dinner, do laundry, help kids with home work and then prep more for work. I think we would all look at this scenario, myself included, and understand why she does not put the effort into being healthier. We are not going to judge her if she does not want to work on her health, but if that is something she wants and her excuse is that she has no time; well then, we need to show how she can add it in.

First off, what constitutes our health? Our nutrition, exercise, rest, mindset and stress control all equate into a healthy body and life. The woman in our example needs to have good nutrition to deal with this crazy lifestyle. And nutrition is something that should not take any extra time. If she is doing fast food or restaurant lunches during meetings she can make healthier choices at the restaurants she is already eating at. Instead of a cheese and bean burrito she could get a piece of protein like chicken and either steamed vegetables or a salad and go light on the dressing. Most places whether it is a sit down restaurant or fast food have a protein and veggie option. If McDonald’s is the only thing close by then ask if the have just some plain chicken and a salad. It is rare that a place does not have a healthier option. She could take snacks with her so that her eating habits would be better no matter how busy she is or how far away from decent food she is. Keeping a small bag of raw almonds, an apple or an energy bar would be a very smart move to help her keep her energy up and keep the mood swings at bay; because lets face it, a schedule like this could make you cranky at times. She could be taking vitamins and other supplements to help keep her healthy and keep her energy up all day. Because she is living a very busy hectic lifestyle her body many need the extra help to stay nourished and to help combat stress.


  • B complex can be a big help when it comes to energy and stress reduction.
  • Ginseng can not only help keep the energy up but also help support the adrenal glands, which are probably over worked for this woman.
  • A good multi-vitamin can make a big difference. It give a full spectrum of nutrients that can help you make sure your body is getting more of what it needs to function well.
  • Fish oil is one of those supplements that are just great to take for life. It is especially good at helping fight inflammation, which is a very common issue in our society.

There are a ton of different helpful supplements out there; you need to find the ones that target your weak points. Ask your doctor. You can also go somewhere like the vitamin shop and look around and ask questions to get some ideas of what your body needs. Multi-vitamins and fish oil are two great basics to start with.

If she is not getting exercise in then she could take 10 minute during her lunch break to do a walk or run or she could walk around the field while the kids play soccer. Even 10 minutes adds up when we are talking about our health. Many people think they need to have a dedicated hour to do a workout, but the truth is any time you can dedicate to your workout is great. The time you have available may change from day to day, maybe one day you have 10 minutes and then next day you have 30. Just use what time you can.

Stress is going to be a big thing to combat. That could be as simple as closing her eyes for a few minutes a few times a day and imagine herself on a beautiful beach or in a peaceful forest. For a list of stress relieving techniques check out this article. Defeating-Stress

Richard Branson is a very productive, very busy businessman. If you do not recognize his name then you would probably recognize some of his companies, two of his most famous companies are Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines/Galactic. This man has been a serial entrepreneur since he was a teenager. He has a wife and children, does charity, and plenty of crazy business stunts. Yet when someone asked him how to be more productive, Richard said “exercise”. That's right. He understands that taking a little time to exercise helps with stress and keeps the mind sharp and active. If he can find time in his crazy schedule to workout, then I suppose we can all find at least 10 minutes a day to do something towards our health.

I think you get what we are saying now; there is always a way to improve your health with the time you have available to you. Do what you can to help your health so that the rest of your life feels easier. You will be amazed at how much easier and more enjoyable things can be when you start to become healthier. Do what you can; this is not a race but a journey to get better with what resources we have.



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