By Lauren Denos: 10/16/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I know I need to get more vegetables in my diet, but I don't have the time to be cooking that much. Not to mention how much longer meals take to eat when it is salads. Should I do a powder supplement or what?

Thank you,


Dear Kaylee,

Actually, when all else fails, a powder can be a good option. Obviously it is good to get in fresh vegetables but if you are that busy, and it is powder or nothing, then yes; use the powder. Some other options are vegetable juices or smoothies at home; I am talking vegetable smoothies, not fruit. You can make enough veggie juices or smoothies to last a couple days, plus it makes a great snack. If money is not an issue, then you can buy fresh vegetable juice. Just find a local place you like and grab one on the way to work or the way home.

If time is your main concern, then keep frozen vegetables on hand. True, fresh is always best but frozen can be a good option for time and ease. All you have to do is heat them up and you have a healthy side dish for any meal. Eating vegetables are very important if you want to have optimal health, so do what you can to get them in.




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