By Lauren Denos: 9/2/2015 (Fitness)

You do not have to have equipment to get your sweat on, but equipment can be a wonderful addition.

You do not have to go to the gym to get a great workout. You can workout at home with just your body weight. However if you want to have more variety there are inexpensive things you can buy to create a full home gym that will give you tons of variety and flexibility. These are my top picks for equipment for the home in no particular order.

#1 Rubber Bands or Tubes
These are amazing because they are portable do not take up much space plus you can vary the resistance you are using very easily. There are a variety of bands and tubes, I recommend the tube type and if you can find the ones with the adjustable handles that control the tension, that is ideal.

#2 Jump Rope
This is one of the best pieces of cardio equipment. It is portable, gets the heart really going and it also works on your coordination at the same time. Plus it can actually be a fun workout. The jump ropes I like the best are either the thick plastic wire cord or leather cord. You can even get weighted handles.

#3 Pull Up Bar
Pull ups are an amazing back exercise and pull up bars are inexpensive and can go in pretty much any doorway. There are some great pull up bars that have multiple hand holds for a variety of pull ups.

#4 Swiss Ball
I love Swiss balls because they are so versatile. You can do a lot of resistance and balance work with a Swiss ball. Plus they can be used for intense workouts or lazy day workouts, ya know, the days when you don't feel like working out so you pick something mellow to do. That way you are at least getting some workout in. Plus you can get them for under $20.

#5 Gloves
Good gloves can go a long way. There are times that this will make the difference of how much your hands can handle and you do not want your hands to be the weak link in your routine. Plus, they keep your hands from getting calloused and torn up hands.

#6 Sports Balls
You can use any type of sports ball like a basket ball, volley ball, soccer ball etc. These are good for a variety of exercises that are done with medicine balls such as throws and balance work. Of course a medicine ball is great too, especially since it is weighted, you can do a little more with it, but if you have regular sports balls like a basket ball around the house, then just use that.

#7 Good Shoes
No matter whether you are working out in the gym or in your house make sure you have proper shoes on, they will help you grip better, support your feet and make it so you can step on things like bands without hurting your feet.

#8 Dumb bells
You can do so much with a simple set of dumbbells. The only problem with dumbbells is that you either have to get a adjustable set or you need to buy a rage of weights. This is because you want the weight heavy enough to really work you, and that will vary depending on what exercise you are doing. You may need 8 lb for shoulder raises and 15 lb for bicep curls. You can use cheaper alternatives for dumbbells such as a variety of water bottles, duffel bags filled with cans etc.

That’s it. You can get a lot of great variety and some intense workouts with this handful of inexpensive equipment. Start with just a couple and see what else you want to add in. You now have no excuse of what you are not getting a good workout in and a lot of variety. Happy Exercising!



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