By Lauren Denos: 2/17/2015 (Fitness)

You can get in better shape even with a busy schedule. You just need to know where to look!

We all have busy schedules, so many day to day errands, chores and general tasks that must be done. It is important to take a little bit of time within your day to workout, but what about the rest of the time? Did you know you can use your daily activities to add a little boost to your fitness? You may be wondering what you can be doing in your normal average day to get more of a fitness benefit. The possibilities are endless, but we will go over just a few:

#1 Walk while you talk.

If you love to talk on the phone, then take a walk while you are talking. Heck, you can even just pace in your room. You can also hit the stationary bike. Talking on the phone is a great time to move. Plus for many, moving helps keep the brain alert making your conversations much more engaging.

#2 Use the squat for the normal activties.

When you are picking something off the ground, do a squat or a lunge instead of just bending over. It may not seem like much, but every little squat and lunge counts towards making your booty even better. Not to mention it is better for your back to lift with your legs.

#3 Park further away from the building you are going to.

It is amazing that so many people will go bust butt in the gym, but then look for the closest parking spot they can find anywhere they go. Instead, park further away and get just a little more walking into your day.

#4 Sitting in your chair can be exercise.

When you go to sit in your chair, instead of just plopping down, make it slow and controlled. You will be giving your butt a great little extra exercise. Also, think of how many times you get in and out of chairs all day. It can definitely add up to a much stronger derriere.

#5 Isometric squats and brushing your teeth make a good duo.

While you are brushing your teeth, go into as much of a squatting position as you can and hold it as long as you can. This is a good isometric exercise and is much more challenging than it sounds. This will strengthen many muscles in the legs.

#6 Use your kitchen time.

When you are cooking in the kitchen, do some calf raises. Calf raises do not take much thought and are super easy to do while moving around in the kitchen. How great is it that you can be cooking and improving your legs at the same time!

#7 The stairs can be your best friend

When you go up the stairs there are a few options, you can squeeze your glutes. Not only does this work the butt, but it also takes some pressure of the knees for people with knee problems. You can also do two stairs at a time slowly and focus on contracting the leg stepping up. Or you can sprint the stairs one or two at a time. There are a lot of ways you can use stairs to your benefit. You may get frustrated with them, but they are a blessing in disguise.

#8 Hike and walk for social time.

When meeting with a friend for a coffee date, take your coffee to go and then do a walk. This will not only give you a little additional exercise, but it also gives you fresh air and something else to bond over instead of just coffee. Besides, you may help your friend create some healthier habits as well.

#9 A new desk can make a big difference.

Get a hydraulic, adjustable desk that allows you to stand some of the time. For those who can get their boss to get them one of these desks, or can get one for your home office, they can be great. This way you are not dealing with as much of the issues that come with a desk job, like a shortening of the hip flexors. Besides, you can do small exercises while standing like the ones we will mention next.

#10 Don't just stand around.

Any time you are just standing around, you can squeeze your booty or tighten your abdominals, or even go into slight squats. Do full squats if you are someplace that does not feel awkward. Then hold. When you are standing around in public, you can easily squeeze your booty or abs without anyone noticing. The slight squat is also something you may be able to do without anyone being aware. Although they are just slight squats, you will be surprised how much they can start burning after a while. If you are not around people then holding a full squats is a great idea.

#11 Take the stairs.

Take stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. We already covered above what you can do on the stairs, but whenever you have the choice of an elevator or escalator verses stairs, take the stairs. This act can create a noticeable difference really fast – especially if you work in a building with stairs or park in a tall parking garage. You will be amazed at how fast taking the stairs everywhere starts to shape you up.

#12 Grocery time can be strength training time.

When you go to the grocery store, if it is a smaller trip then carry a basket instead of pushing a cart. Carrying a basket at the grocery store can give you a nice isometric bicep exercise. It would be even better to switch arms halfway through, or switch more often depending on fast your arms get tired. The other added benefit to this is you can maneuver faster through the store and around people with carts.

#13 Speed things up.

Jog places instead of walking. If you are wanting to get more out of your time walking to and from cars, buildings, etc. you can jog or sprint. That is, if you are wearing appropriate clothes for it. This is a nice way to intensify the time you need to be going from place to place. Just make sure you look for cars when you are in parking lots!

#14 Make TV time count

When you are watching TV, you can do a whole workout routine if you want! You can use your TV time for pretty much anything. Doing anything is better than just sitting around for hours on end. Do jumping jacks, pushups, squats, etc. You can make it a full workout time if you have had no other time to workout that day.

Keep finding new ways to incorporate fitness into your daily life!

This is just a handful of ideas. You can come up with so many more. Look at your daily and weekly routines and think of ways that you can incorporate some exercises into it. All of the small seemingly insignificant things add up to make a big difference.



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