By Lauren Denos: 6/8/2015 (Mindset)

You can make pretty much any goal you want a reality but there is more to it than just wishing.

Many believe that all you have to do is write down a goal, visualize it and it will magically come to you. While I do believe in using many tools like visualization and writing down your goals, it is not all that you need to do to see your dreams come to life.

You still need to put the work in for any goal you want to achieve. If you do not put the work in, it is not going to happen. This is like someone saying they are going to own a big Fortune 500 business. So they visualize it, write down what they want, and then talk to people about it. But they don't sit down and make a plan. They don't do the daily actions needed to have a successful business. The big dream is great, but the work must be done as well.

What does making it happen look like?

First off, you have your overall goal. The dream you want to make happen. This is a big first step, because without knowing where you want to go you will have absolutely no clue on how to get there. Then you look at what will be needed to accomplish this goal. List all these steps. You may not have a clear picture of what all the steps are, but you start with what you know and fill in the rest as you go. This step can also include acquiring knowledge.


It may look like this -

Overall goal: get yourself to 21% body fat and be able to do your first triathlon.

Steps: Planning your meals and exercise, reading up on different techniques, possibly hiring a trainer. You may want to find someone or a group to train with. Next, you would make sure you put your time in every day. Do that workout to get you to your competing shape.

Or maybe your overall goal is to finally start your own business.

Steps: research what other companies in the same field are doing and how you can do it better. Read up on your trade, either from books or magazines, and find your target audience. Then create an engaging website. This list really goes on and on.

Whatever you want to do, plan it! Put it in your schedule. Do not leave it up to chance. Too often, people have good intentions of getting things done, but their life gets in the way. This can happen to anyone. Your life will always be filled with other stuff that needs to be done – many times things that are urgent and need to be done right now! If you schedule in the steps that you need to be taking to make your dream a reality, then they will take some priority in your life, and that is how you get it done.

Most of the people who have made it to a high level of success in their respective industries did not get there by chance. They put the time into it. Focus. Drive. They created a plan of action and they MADE it happen. It was not by chance. Many of these people, too, were told no. Multiple times. Yet, they pushed through and finally succeeded.

It is time to stop only dreaming about it and put it into a game plan. Bring it to life! This does not mean that you have to give up everything else in your life. Rather, it means you can take a couple small action steps per day towards making your dreams come true. This way you are taking the steps towards it, but not stressing yourself out. If you take just a few small steps per day, before you know it your dream will be a tangible reality. You can do it, but you have to make it happen, it does not happen without your effort.



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