By Lauren Denos: 9/30/2015 (Fitness)

So many people take their workouts way too seriously. When it comes to commitment and tenacity that is a great thing, but you do not need to take your workouts so seriously that you are not having fun anymore. When you enjoy your workout you look forward to it and are therefore more likely avoid excuses and stick with it for the long haul. There are so many options but we are going to look at just a few options to make your workout more like a game.

#1 Make a friendly competition. When working out with a partner make it a friendly competition. See who can kick the most butt. Make sure you still route each other on and cheer. And whoever loses buys the other one a coffee, or tea or smoothie or whatever it is you drink. This is one of the reasons Cross Fit has become so popular, Their method creates a friendly competition. You can recreate this model for yourself and make it work for you too.

#2 Compete online. There are online forums now where you can track your runs, bike rides, weight training etc and compete for the top spot in your area and over all top spot over the whole program. I know some people who went from doing nothing to obsessed with getting their bike ride in so they could get higher in the ranks.

#3 Make it a photo adventure! Start a collection of photo's from all of the places you are working out. It makes a game of seeing how many different hills you can climb or new places you can check out to get the most amazing workout photo album ever. You can even make people guess where it is.

#4 Play with the kids. Kids have a way of getting a great workout in and never even knowing it. Take a page from their book. Play an active game with your kids, or nieces and nephews. They can keep you running around and you can even spend some fun and quality time with family at the same time.

#5 Join a sport team. Join a soccer league, a basket ball league, start a volley ball team, take up sword fighting. Really the possibilities are endless. A sport is really just a game. When you join a sport you will have team mates that are on the same mission as you. This is a fun way to get a killer workout in without even thinking about it and making great friends at the same time.

#6 Play an actual game. Use a game console or a phone app, and actually play a game to get in shape. There are some pretty fun ones out there. In fact there are even some gyms that now have bikes that have a game built into them, like Expresso. In these games you can chase down dragon and explore new places as you bicycle. I love that the are doing this!

This is just a handful of what is available. Look around see what interests you. It is time to take charge and find workouts that you will enjoy, life is too short, have some fun!



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