By Lauren Denos: 7/3/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren, I have been wanting to lose more weight and so many people tell me that I should go low carb, but I feel good on carbs. So do I really need to ditch the carbs to lose weight?

Thank you,

Dear Ericka,

There are so many ways to eat. This is why there are ten gazillion diet books on the market. The thing is, plenty of these diets are fine, it's just that different things work for different people. It is always good to make sure you are picking a way of eating that you can live with. The quick fix approach, where you torture yourself for a few weeks or a few months and then go back to old eating patterns is not healthy and not helpful.

One things that works good for just about everyone is eating a more whole foods diet. That may be all you need in order to lose the excess weight you want to lose. Just to be clear, even a low carb diet has carbs in it. They are just eaten in the form of non starchy vegetables. But I think you are speaking of starchy carbs like oats, potatoes, rice etc. If you are eating a whole foods based diet, then you could still eat carbs but you would not be eating bread and pasta, instead you would be eating whole steel cut oats, brown rice and baked potatoes and the like. This way you are getting more of the nutrients without the additives that the refined stuff has in it.

Also make sure you are eating balanced meals. You want to eat regularly and have a balance of proteins, carbs, vegetables and healthy fats in each meal. This is one of the common mistake people make. Your body will thrive more off of a balanced nutritional meal. What ever you do, do not lower your calories to an unrealistic point. You want to aim for a proper amount of food for your body and activity level, but the starvation thing that most people do is unrealistic, dangerous and simply does not last.

A low carb lifestyle is fine and it works for many people. In fact it can be good for people with specific health conditions like specific blood sugar problems. But it is not for everyone. Play around and see what works best for you. If you feel fine then keep the carbs in and just make sure you are eating more whole forms of food and get in some exercise each day. You ultimately have to make the choice of what you want to do. Take in all the information and see what sounds like the best option for you.

You may also want to go look at the articles in the nutrition section of this site. There is a ton more information on this topic there for you to read.

Good luck on your new healthy lifestyle.




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