By Lauren Denos: 3/9/2015 (Mindset)

The minute we stop having something to challenge us or grow us is when we start to lose that fire for life.

As humans we need something to work for. It essentially gives us something to live for. How many times have you seen someone retire and then die not long after? If they retired, but took up something else; something that they were striving towards accomplishing they have more of a reason to live.

What you are striving for can be anything. It can be that you want to step foot on every continent before you die. It could be that you want to be the best artist in the world, best sales person, have the biggest business in your industry, or even that you want to build the perfect garden.

What you are striving for can change, and more than likely it will change throughout your life. At one point it may be something to do with your career, while later on it may have something to do with family. Or you could have something you are striving for in each and every area of your life. It does not matter what you choose to strive towards, as long as it is important to you and it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.

For the purposes of what we do on this site, we are going to make what you are striving for center around your health. It is the same principle as above only more focused on one area of your life.

Have you noticed how you can be so excited and gung ho on your new fitness routine like yoga, or a certain weight training program, or a dance class? Many times what happens is you start to lose that gusto. After doing that workout for a while, you start to lose that excitement. Everyone has different thresholds, it could be a week, a month, a few months. It is because that initial challenge and excitement are gone. This is why you want to have something to striving for. A new challenge. This will make you more excited to get to your workout every day.

Goals are the first part of the equation. Without goals, we do not know what we want or where we are going. Without a goal, you will not know what you are striving towards. Think of a new goal for yourself and refresh it often. This is something you should be able to get excited about. Something that helps to stretch your capabilities. To push yourself or learn something new. Think of a new goal today and start working on it tomorrow. As soon as you accomplish this goal, create a new one!

What kind of things should you strive for? Well, that really all depends on you. It could be that you are a runner and your goal is for a faster running speed. If that is the case, then you may strive to cut your mile time by 1 minute. Or you could be starting to add 30 second sprint intervals in with your runs. If your goal is to become a proficient dancer, then you may need to step up into a more challenging class. What you are doing needs to challenge you at least a bit, otherwise it becomes boring. You could have a goal for each class of learning one specific dance move to as much perfection as you can. Or you can have longer goals you are striving towards, like performing a specific dance for an audience. Either way, you have a goal and challenge yourself to strive for something more. Whatever sport or healthy habit you are wanting to incorporate into your life you can find a goal to set for it.

No matter where you are, you will always be wanting more and this is a good thing. When we stop wanting more, life loses some of its magic. So create a goal and keep striving for more. Keep growing and keep changing. If you use this technique, you will reclaim some of that fire you lost long ago.



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