By Lauren Denos: 9/21/2014 (Mindset)

Have you ever thought about what your favorite fitness pro, athlete, action star, or fictional character would do in your situation? When you are at the gym, how would The Rock approach the workout? Would he say, “Eh, that was good enough, I'm not really feeling it,” or would Wonder Woman decide 2 miles into her 5-mile planned run that she gave it a "good effort," but she's tired and then turn around? NO! They would do what they set out to do and would not let anything get in their way.

Now what if you could embody that tenacity, strength, dedication, will and drive? You would not quit; you would always strive to do your best. This is exactly what I am proposing. Find that person, real or fictional that embodies what you need more of and imagine yourself as them when you are playing your sport, working out or really any time you need to.

I personally use Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Xena. As you can tell I tend to like the fictional characters. But that is what works for me. When I am having a "blah" day I can say, “if I was Wonder Woman how would I handle this situation?” My workout partner has commented at times, “you suddenly got twice as strong, what did you do?” All I did was tell myself I am Wonder Woman I can do anything; then poof, I can. If saying I am Wonder Woman and completely embodying her persona does not work for you then you could always simply ask “What would Wonder Woman do?” and then follow her lead.

You have to go with what works for you. It is about what lends you that extra strength, agility, focus, and speed. For me, superheroes do it; but for you that may be too cheesy or silly. If you feel that way, it could be your favorite health celebrity or sports star. It needs to be somebody that you think is above and beyond when it comes to what ability you are wanting to incorporate.

What happens, when you do this enough, you really do start to take on some of these traits. I don't mean that you will actually turn into Wonder Woman, but you will start to embody her strength and confidence. It is a fun way to get better at what you are working towards. This is a game that many of us played as children and yet as we get older we have stopped playing. When you think about it, we can learn so much through games as adults and put fun back into our lives at the same time.

What characters or people inspire you? You have to find what works for you, but here are some examples:

Catniss Eberdine- (fictional character) The girl who was on fire! This character is stealthy, smart and does not give up. She is a fighter and resourceful.

Jamie Eason- (fitness model) Strong and sexy. She works hard and does not take no for an answer. She has become a very recognizable model in the fitness industry.

Wonder Woman- (fictional superhero) She embodies so many qualities that we would all love to have. Even though she is fictional, she is still a great motivation. There is nothing she cannot do. She is strong, fast, agile, focused, not to mention kind, and smart.... the list goes on. You get the point.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- (action star & body builder) Does whatever he puts his mind to. Ridiculously strong, and does not listen to the naysayers. Immigrated to America and became Mr. Olympia, a famous action star and even the CA state governor.

Michael Jordan- (athlete) Practice, practice, practice, no matter what anyone said he was going to be a basketball player. Tenacity and drive are two of his biggest traits.

Vin Diesel- (action star) He made his own way when he did not get the breaks he sought. Personification of an action star. He is strong, creative, and relentless.

The Rock- (action star & wrestler) We have to mention The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) again- I think he is a great roll model in general. He is a kind person and friendly. He works hard to stay in the shape he is in. He has focus, determination, and crazy amount of will power.

As I said, these are just examples. Find who inspires you to do more, fictional or real, and use it. Keep testing it out until you find the one that works best for you. You may even have multiples for different sports or situations. Play around with it and see what you find for yourself.



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