By Lauren Denos: 8/28/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have heard debates with my fitness junkie friends about cheat days; some think it is fine while some think it is not okay. What do you think?


Hi Elle,

Well I personally think it depends on the person. Dealing with nutrition and fitness is very individualized. That being said a cheat day can have it's pro's and con's.

Some pros are that it can help keep people mentally in a better place. Knowing that they can have a binge once a week can make the week more bearable.

A con would be if you were eating a full day of horrible food you could be losing all the gains you have made throughout the week. Keep in mind you could also make yourself sick, especially if you have food sensitivities. If you do have food sensitivities then stick within the range of what you know to be okay for your body.

The moderate approach may be best. Rather than a “cheat” day, have a cheat meal. Or just have some of the treats you love here and there when you really want them. It is probably better to have a square or two of chocolate a few times a week, or even every night then having a few bars at one time.

Remember it is all about building a lifestyle that you can LIVE with, not visit from time to time.




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