By Lauren Denos: 5/13/2015 (Fitness)

You do not need to have specialized equipment to workout, you have plenty of things sitting right around your house. Let's take a look at what you can use that may be sitting around your house.

Instead of dumbbells you could use

Paint cans

Grocery bags

Water bottles

Duffel bags

Instead of Sand bags

Use a Duffel bag

Sacks of rice, flour, or potatoes

Instead of an ab wheel

Use furniture coasters, they can be used for other creative uses such as mountain climbers.

Instead of Medicine balls or any type of balance ball

Use sports balls like basket balls, volley balls, soccer balls. These can be used in the place of medicine balls. If you need one weighted you can also cut it open fill it with a heavy substance like beans and then reseal.

Improvised ankle weights – Instead of buying ankle weights you can use socks or old shirt sleeves filled up with something heavy like beans and then tied.

Weighted vest- get a cargo vest and fill it with heavy material (this may not be any cheaper than just buying a ready one). This is best to do homemade when you already have the materials at home, otherwise you may just want to buy an already made one.

Old tires- This is a very popular workout tool now. People bench these, do over head presses and tire flips. They can be a fun change of pace.

Jump rope – A jump rope is a very inexpensive piece of equipment so I would say just buy one. But if you have the materials already at home then you can make one of your own then all you need is a thick wire and two handles.

These are just a few common things you can use for improvised workout equipment. You can find a lot more options lying around your house if you get creative. This article points out that you do not need to go buy fancy equipment in order to lift weights or get a great workout, so no more excuses. Get to it!



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