By Lauren Denos: 8/15/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have had success in getting healthier and losing weight in the past. My problem is that I stick with my diet for a month, maybe two and then I fall off the wagon. How do I break this cycle?

Thank you for your help,


Dear Betty,

This is a very common issue with many people. The good news is you have had positive results in the past, congratulations.

The challenge is that you need to make dietary changes that you can live with and not just deal with for the short term. Instead of changing everything at once, unless you are dealing with a serious health issue, change one thing at a time. Incorporate that into your life and then change something else and build slowly. For example, one small step could be adding ½ cup of vegetables into your meals. Do that for a week or a month until it feels like it is incorporated into your normal eating regimen and does not feel difficult anymore. Then you could make sure that you are getting protein with each meal; cut back on half of your soda or coffee; start replacing ½ of your deserts with fresh fruit. Take one small step at a time and stick with that one step until it is natural. This can take longer to get to the crazy perfect diet you were doing, but it will last and it will feel so easy. It is better to just take the torture out of the equation.

One final word on eating healthy; many they give up everything they enjoy. Unless you are allergic to that thing you enjoy so much, do not eliminate it out of your life. If you love chocolate, then keep some of it in your plan. That is one of the most common reasons people stray off of their healthy eating plans. You are doing this so you can get healthier and enjoy life more, but if you are giving up EVERYTHING you enjoy then you are defeating the purpose for doing this in the first place.

Keep kicking butt and LIVE FULL OUT!



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