By Lauren Denos: 10/31/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I know I need to give up gluten. I have gone to the doctor, and they have found I have an intolerance to it, but I am finding it hard to make the transition. I am working long hours and am tired when I get home. Sometimes I just don't care about it. Not sure how I should make this change.

Thank you,


Dear Amanda,

Any time you have something that you need to eliminate from your diet you need to plan. There are plenty of gluten-free options at the grocery store, keep some of them on hand. Also if you have a little bit of time, create big batches of food so you can freeze it and have it ready. All you have to do is heat it up. Even on the nights you do have time to cook dinner, double or triple the recipe and freeze them. If you continue doing that, you will wind up having a good variety of meals ready to go. Remember meat and vegetables can be a good go to meal. You can get rotisserie chickens at most grocery stores, then you can just heat up a vegetable and you have a quick meal. Planning and preparation is the best way for anyone to make diet changes.

Keep a mini notepad with you, and when you have random minutes throughout your day brainstorm meal ideas. This way you are ahead of the game when you need to shop for the following week. There are lots of free cellphone apps that can help with keeping notes.

Make a list of restaurants and the foods they have that are gluten-free so if you need to eat out, or grab food on the run, you are prepared for it.

When it comes to the "not caring" mood, you are the only one that can fix that. No one can force you to eat a certain way; you have to want it. If you are feeling sick from eating the gluten, then remember that when you are in your do not care mood, eating this will only make you feel worse.

You can make these changes and once you do you will be happy you did. LIVE FULL OUT!



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