By Lauren Denos: 12/9/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

My son has a crazy appetite and is super skinny. He wants to gain more weight but is having a hard time. I want to make sure he gains weight in a healthy way. Ensures are only 50 calories so I am not sure if that will do much good. Is there any other drinks or things I can add to his diet to help?

Thank you,


Dear Jessica,

Yes there are so many other things you can do. First of all feed him more real food. I don't mean you have to cook meals all day long but give him some larger portion sizes at meal time and if he does not finish it then just put it away for him to eat as a snack later. Make sure there is plenty of protein, health carbs like potatoes, oats, rice etc and some healthy fats in each of his meals.

As far as drinks go, there are so many products available now days. Make sure you are giving him a quality product. Many of the protein powders have a ton of garbage in them. A good one I would recommend is Vega meal replacement. It is some of the cleanest yet best tasting protein I have found. There is no added sugar in them so he may want to add some fruit or honey (If he does not have any blood sugar issues). Keep in mind that just because this is a meal replacement shake does not mean that he needs to eat this instead of a meal. I would makes these his snacks in between the real meals. Because he is bulking it may be good to add a scoop of oats, some fruit, fish oil and/or nut butter in with the shakes. Many protein shake alone do not have enough calories for bulking.

Basically he just needs to get in more calories. But make sure they are good quality calories. If he is not lifting weights then he should be looking into workouts to help him gain some good muscle mass as well. The weight training will helping him use the added bulk he is putting on for the right thing.




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