By Lauren Denos: 12/26/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been working out for about 5 months and was doing really well and lost a lot of weight, but now I seem to have hit a plateau. What can I do to work through this?

Thank you,


Dear Allison,

Barring any health conditions, many times people hit plateaus because they are sticking with the same workouts or the same eating regimen.

The first thing I would do is change up your exercise routine. If for cardio you have been only running, then throw in some swimming or bike riding in the mix. Intensify your cardio. For instance, if you have been doing a very slow and steady pace, then pick up your speed or throw in some sprints. Then, with your weight training, switch up the exercises or how you are performing them, add more weight, do some drop sets or super sets. If you have been doing only weight training or only cardio, then add the one you are not doing the least. You could also take up a class if you have been working out alone. They will be working you in a different way.

Generally speaking, people change up their routines at least every 6 weeks, sometimes more often. Your body will adapt to what you are doing and change to be more energy efficient, which means you stop losing weight.

Have you cleaned up your eating? Can you make it better? The other part of this equation is what you are eating, and how much of it. It is a combination of both the amount of calories and the quality of the calories you are eating. When you are eating a cleaner diet your body is getting more of the essential nutrients which helps it function better. So make sure you load up on the vegetables!

If you are eating more than is allowing for weight loss then drop your calories by 50 or 100 per day. I would not go more than that to start because you do not want to go into torture mode, which is very hard to stick with.

Check out some of our articles on how to change up your routines. Remember you are in a process, it does not all happen at once so be patient with yourself.




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