By Lauren Denos: 2/8/2015 (Mindset)

Ditch the yo yo effect and become successful with your health.

There are those who succeed in creating a healthy life and those who constantly yo-yo. So what is it that these successfully healthy people are doing regularly to ensure they keep their health up to snuff? We are going to look at 14 common traits of those who are successful with their health.

  1. They understand that some failures happen, and they learn from it and keep moving forward.

    People who have had lasting success in their health understand that there will be set backs and road bumps no matter how flawlessly they are following a workout and fitness routine. They choose to learn from these obstacles and find a way to move forward. This type of tenacity is one of the most important characteristics of someone who is and stays successful with their health and fitness goals. For more strategies on overcoming obstacles, read this article.

  2. They do not deprive themselves.

    Many times, when people decide to get healthy they think this means getting rid of everything that is slightly bad for them. They get rid of everything they enjoy. People who are successful in achieving a healthier lifestyle do not subscribe to this idea. Instead people who have lasting success take a more moderate approach. They give themselves permission to have some dessert and have their favorite foods. This does not mean that they eat a huge helping of French fries for lunch every day and cake every night, but they do choose to indulge sometimes in things they enjoy having that would not normally be "optimal."

  3. They plan.

    Planning is a big success tool for any goal you have in life, and health and fitness is no exception. People who are successful plan and prepare their meals and snacks. They know that if they leave this up to chance, they may wind up in a position to eat way more junk food than they would like. In our fast-paced world, most people are extremely busy. So having your meals planned as much as possible and made ahead of time means that when you get a last minute meeting that lasts all night you have dinner ready to go, and if you over sleep, breakfast is ready to take out the door. When it comes to planning, people who are successful and stay on track not only plan out their food, but also plan their workouts. They schedule time for it, and have at least a general idea of what they are doing for their workout. If getting healthier is important to you, then you will make the time to do it. People who are successful in their health rarely have any more time than anyone else, they just have made their health a priority.

  4. They are in it for the long haul.

    People who are successful with their health understand that this is a lifestyle. It is a marathon, not a sprint. They do not torture themselves with the crazy stress of needing to do it all right away. Rather, they understand that this is a journey, and that they will make small consistent progress and that they will keep this going. With this mind set, they are soon light years ahead of where they started. Especially because they understand that no matter where they currently are on their journey, there is always more steps that can be taken to create an even healthier life.

  5. They drink plenty of water.

    I know this is pretty obvious, but it still needs to be said. Water is so important for your body to function optimally – and not only that! When you drink plenty of water, it also helps to curb your appetite in a healthy way. Many people drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before a meal so that they are not in an extremely hungry state, and therefore are much less likely to over eat.

  6. They do not skip meals.

    Many people still think that skipping a meal is going to help them lose weight, but that is not the case. Most people, when they skip a meal, make up for it later in the day anyway. Eating throughout the day keeps your metabolism revved up and your blood sugar in check. This, in turn, helps you keep your energy levels up through the day. Many people do not feel good eating first thing in the morning and that is fine. You do not need to eat as soon as you wake up if you are not ready for food, but you still want to be on a regular schedule. If you normally eat breakfast at 10 and lunch at 2 and then dinner at 6 that is fine, just be consistent and do not skip meals randomly. People who are successful understand that their bodies need constant fuel so they stay on top of it.

  7. They find things they enjoy.

    People who are successful in their health find exercises that they actually enjoy doing. This could be dance classes, playing soccer, doing yoga, weight training, hiking, etc. They know that if they do something they enjoy, they will stick with it. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this means your exercise too.

  8. They surround themselves with people who support them.

    Successful people surround themselves with people who want to see them succeed. They do not have time for people who are going to dissuade them from what they want to achieve. In all honesty, who would want to be around people like that? Look around at the people you surround yourself with. Are they supportive or are they constantly asking you to skip your workouts and giving you junk food, even though they know you are working on creating a healthier life? This applies to any area in our lives not just health, always surround yourself with supportive people.

  9. They balance out their meals.

    Successful people know that they need to have balanced meals. They do not just eat carbs and not just protein. They eat balanced meals of healthy carbohydrate, protein, fat, and plenty of vegetables. Just because someone is balancing out their meals does not mean that they are not eating on a specific plan it just means they balance it out for what their dietary needs are. If someone is on a paleo diet, they will still be getting carbs in in the form of tons of vegetables, which leads perfectly into the next point.

  10. They don't follow the fads.

    People who are successful with their health do not follow the latest fad, instead they do what works for them. They don't "diet," they eat healthy. Everybody is different, so naturally people will eat differently as well. Someone very well may do well on a paleo diet or Mediterranean diet, but they are working with these "diets" because it is what works for them not because it is trendy. Most of the time people will not follow the plan in the book 100%, they use it as a guideline to help them find what is the best way to eat, and what makes them feel good. They find what works for them and they stick with it. This eliminates them bouncing all over the place, testing out each new fad that hits the shelf because it will be the ultimate answer. There is not one big ultimate answer that fixes everything and they know this.

    In addition to the avoiding fads, they do not rely on weight loss pills, special shakes, patches, etc. These are what people do when they are viewing their health as a sprint. This is what is done when people want instant results, so they can go back to their old way of eating. Again, people who have success with their health know that this is a lifestyle not a quick fix.

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