By Lauren Denos: 4/20/2015 (Mindset)

Stop forcing everything and go with the flow more.

We spend so much time pushing everything, and usually to our own detriment. We push ourselves to work more when we need sleep, we push ourselves to do intense workouts when our body clearly needs a rest day, we push ourselves to follow a specific path a goal we have set. We are a race of pushers. We think that if we push more we will get more done, that we will somehow be seen as better, hardworking people. The problem is we are working harder not smarter. Let me be clear here, putting effort in and working for something is important. If you take no action you will never see results. The problem is that we push things harder than they should be, we force things that should not be forced. We ignore our own inner guidance systems.

If you are staying up each night to work hard on your career and maybe only getting 3 hours of sleep. All you are doing is pushing something harder than it needs to be pushed. What happens is you become more and more sleep deprived. Your focus will not be as sharp and your quality of work will start to slip. Before you know it, you have completely burned yourself out and you may need to take a ton of time off to recover. If you instead choose to work on your projects until you feel like you are getting tired, then get some rest and after you are rested continue, you will be able to not only get better quality of work done, you will also be able to enjoy the work itself more.

When you set a goal, release how it will come to fruition. Does this mean you should just set a goal with no plan and just expect some unseen force to magically grant it to you? No. You should plan what steps you will take, but sometimes you think that you are going to reach your goal in very specific steps, but if you are unwilling to pay attention to what is coming your way you will miss out on some great opportunities that could help you accomplish your goals in a way you never thought possible. Heck, you may even wind up having things come your way that make you change your goals to something better than you even thought possible. If you learn to flow with what is coming up, many times things will turn out even better than you would have imagined. If you are constantly pushing, you will not be able to notice these opportunities when they present themselves.

This is a very important thing to think about for those who tend to be high strung and high stressed. It is a way to relax into the flow of life and enjoy the ride more. If you are someone who has a hard time motivating themselves to do anything, do not mistake this as an excuse to be lazy. When it comes to accomplishing what we want in life, we need that sweet spot of taking action and at the same time letting go and not stressing about it; that is being in the flow.

This is not a quick fix. If you are a highly-motivated person like me, this will be an ongoing practice. It is definitely not a quick fix. People who are highly driven never feel like they have accomplished enough, this ambition can be used for good purposes as long as you keep it in check and do not forget to see the opportunities around and the joy in what you are doing. When you find yourself getting stressed about needing to do things in a specific way, or thinking that you need to do more, that you are running out of time etc., just tell yourself to flow with what is right now. Just flow with it.



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