By Lauren Denos: 6/12/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been told by my doctor to give up coffee, but I really, really like coffee. I like the taste of it and it is the only thing that gets me going during the day and gives me an added energy boost in the middle of the day. I fear that giving it up will mean that I won't be able to function at work. What can I do?

Thank you,

Dear Justin,

I know how you feel. I too love the taste of coffee, espresso and cream to be precise. And there are many people who are reliant on coffee to get their day going. The problem is coffee starts to lose it's great effectiveness after a while. Where it would really give you a good pick up at first, it starts to only bring you to a lower and lower set point as you continue to drink it.

One thing keep in mind that you may drag a bit at first, but if you are eating well and taking care of yourself and getting adequate rest, you will soon be feeling better without it, than you ever felt with it. This is just a good way to temper your expectations. You should be getting a good night of sleep, if you are using coffee as a way to avoid sleep it does eventually catch up with you and cause some serious burn out.

To help with the energy levels you can do a Vitamin B complex and a Ginseng complex. They not only give you an energy boost but will also help support your adrenal glads which are probably a little on the burnt out side by now. Of course a quality multiple vitamin is a good over all idea no matter what you are going through.

Make sure you eat balanced meals throughout the day. When you do not have enough fuel in your system you can start to crash.

As far as the enjoyment of coffee. I have found that a combo of Chicory root and dandelion root are a great substitution. There are other alternatives but that blend is my personal favorite.

You can do this, It may only take you a week to get over the coffee habit but give yourself a month to be on the safe side. You will be surprised at how well you do without the coffee.




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