By Lauren Denos: 5/8/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I am a foodie. I love nice foods and tasting all kinds of different things, but I see everywhere that you have to eat very specifically to be able to be healthy. For me, however, giving up all the great foods I like to eat or have yet to taste doesn’t seem worth it. Is it true that I would have to give up all this tasty food to get in shape?

Thank you,


Dear Tasha,

The short answer is no, you do not have to give up tasty food. There are a couple things you can do to continue enjoying your food while getting in shape at the same time.

#1 Get creative and make healthier versions of all the wonderful culinary foods you want to eat. This is what I do. I find it to be a fun challenge.

#2 You can simply watch your portion sizes. Enjoy that epic chocolate cake, but have a small piece or half a piece. Only eat 1/2 of your plate of lobster raviolis and take the rest home for later. If you tend to have a big appetite, then order a plate of vegetables to go with each meal and eat them first. This will fill you up more so you have much less of a problem resisting overeating on the other foods.

#3 Of course, you could go the route of just eating whatever you want and then working out a ton to counteract it. That is not only time consuming, but it also does not always work for everyone. What you eat plays a big role in the health of your body, so you really want health not just to be lean. The overall health will make your life much more enjoyable.

If food is a big enjoyment for you, then giving it up would make you miserable and would not last. So keep the food and just temper it. Also, make sure to do your exercise.




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