By Lauren Denos: 3/27/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been having issues with specific foods and the doctor says I don't have any allergies, but I am pretty sure I do. Could there be another reason I am having issues with these foods?

Thank you,


Dear Abigail,

First off, if the doctor is not searching for what the issue is, you need to find another doctor. In fact, sometimes you have to go through a few until you find one who will listen and work well with you.

As far as the allergy idea, you can have reactions to things and not have them actually be an allergy. You may just be sensitive to the food. If it is just one food then see if you can just avoid it. There are many reasons you can have reactions to foods. For example, many people are sensitive to the lactose in dairy. It is not an allergy, but an intolerance. Sometimes an intolerance to a food is simply that your body is not making enough of the specific enzyme needed to digest the food properly. For a sensitivity like lactose it would be best to avoid the dairy, but many people will take enzymes to help their bodies digest it.

If you are noticing issues with multiple foods that are getting worse, you could also be dealing with some gut issues like irritable bowel or leaky gut. Also pay attention to when you are having issues, what you ate and how much. Often it is not what we are eating, but the amount that is the issue.

You may want to test out an elimination diet and see what foods are really the culprit. Click on the article link below and it will explain how to do it. elimination-diet

There are also blood tests out now that will test your sensitivities to a whole range of different food. Although, it does cost money and I am not sure how accurate they are. But you could combine what you find out on a blood test, combine it with the info you learn from an elimination diet and compare and see what information lines up.

I am afraid there is no easy answer, but hopefully this will at least give you some more things to look at. You will find the answer if you keep looking.




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