By Lauren Denos: 7/27/2015 (Mindset)


You are not the only one who has had to go through trials and tribulations in your field.

So many people struggle on their own or do not even get moving on pursuing their dream because they do not know how to do it. If you were the first person to do a specific thing then you may have to figure it out alone, but now days there are people who have done most of the things you are probably thinking of doing. And if what you want to do has not been done, you can still use the information of successful people in general and see what you can use to help you along.

Other people have left road maps of how they have accomplished their success, Use them! Why are you intent to make every mistake on your own when there are people who have done what you want to do? They have made the errors and are willing to share that knowledge with you. Our society is an every progressing thing. People who came before you got to a certain point with their advances in a field and they built upon what they learned from the people who came before them, just as you are now learning from all the people that came before you. This is a great thing because you can take this field even further and that benefits everyone, and future generations will do the same with what you produce.

This does not mean that you will be able to use exactly the same tools in exactly the same way as the first person you read on, but it can give you an idea of where to start. Keep that in mind since you may become discouraged if you do not get the exact same results on the same time line that someone else did. Your circumstances, what you are doing, how you are doing it and how many times this method has been used before will all make a difference in how it will work for you.

Read up on a few people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

See what they have in common as well as what different approaches they used. You may have success with one approach and not another. Pretty much any field whether it is getting in shape, making a lot of money, being a star or being a parent has been documented for you. You can find books as well as a ton of information on any field online. Below I have some examples of people who have accomplished great things and with a quick search on Amazon came up with a selection of books available. No, I have not read all of these books. The point is you can pull up a quick search and get this much in the way of resources.

Do not stick to only one field. Even if you are looking at becoming a famous actress, you can get a lot of good information from great business men. If you want to be good in business or parenting, then you may get some good info from public speaking or just how to handle people in general. Keep an open mind.


Donald Trump (Business)

Trump is one of those guys that whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny he knows business. This man has been through many ups and downs and still always comes out on top. He never quits, and while you may not agree with everything he does and he may even be too intense for some, you can still learn so many great lessons and skills from looking at what he has done. Donald Trump has a huge selection of books available, and has even created a system called Trump University where he teaches all of the great things that he has learned over the years. These three books are only a couple of the books he has available.

  • The Art of the Deal by Donald J. Trump

  • Trump Style Negotiations by Donald Trump

  • Trump University Entrepreneurship by Michael E. Gordon

Richard Branson (Business)

Richard Branson is one of my favorite business men. He created Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Galactic and that is just a few of the many ventures he has made successful. He has a unique way of doing business and has always stuck to doing it his own way. He is well known for how well he treats all those that work with him. He is what some may might call a serial entrepreneur, since he is always getting great ideas and just runs with them. A great quality of Richard Branson is that he puts adventure into his business. If he wants to do sky diving, he will find a way to use it as a business promotion. He is definitely someone worth reading up on.

  • Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

  • The Virgin Way by Richard Branson

  • Like A Virgin by Richard Branson

Will Smith & Jim Carry (Acting)

Both of these men are amazing actors who have had crazy work ethic and conviction in what they do. They started at the bottom, just like pretty much everyone else, and did not stop until they had achieved their goals. Quite honestly, I am pretty sure they still have not stopped. Despite what many people think about the glamorous world of Hollywood, it is really about hard work and tenacity and these men both have it.

  • Will Power by Jan Berenson

  • Will Smith: A Biography by Lisa Lannucci

  • Jim Carry: The Joker is Wild

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