By Lauren Denos: 3/4/2015 (Fitness)

Every year we have trends come and go in the fitness industry. Really anything that will get you to move your booty is a great option to test out. This is a list of the trends that surveys are predicting will be hot in 2015, although many of these were already popular in 2014. While it is true that surveys have been done to take a poll of what is going to be popular in 2015, really all we can do is speculate since new things are coming up so fast there is no way of knowing 100% what will top the ranks in popular fitness trends. This at least gives you an idea of where the trends are pointing.

Body Weight Training

The good old basic looks like it is coming back with vengeance. This is due to the easy and accessibility of body weight training. You do not need a gym or any equipment. In fact, all you need is your own body, and a very small amount of room in your house or a patch of grass. Along with body weight training, workouts that can be done anywhere are popular. Jump ropes are a top choice since they are cheap, easily transported and can be added to any routine.


High Intensity Interval Training has become very popular for people with very limited time who want to get the most intense workout possible with that time allotted to them. A common example of this would be if you are walking or jogging and then do sprints in-between. So, it may be 1-2 minutes of walking and then sprinting as fast and as far as you can you may only be able to sprint for 5 seconds, or for a full minute. it HIIT is also used for mixing in with weight or body weight training. This would be if you are doing pushups, squats, etc. and are doing intense sprints or fast jump roping in between each weight training exercise. The great thing is this is an adaptable style and can be used at different paces, and with different exercises. You can do this with a bicycle, kayak, jump rope, swimming, etc. Whatever you do for cardio, you can use the HIIT method.


Yoga has been popular for some time, and it seems that this trend is not going away anytime soon. One of the appeals of yoga is the stress reduction that most people feel from the calming ambiance of the class, but also the intense workout you can get. Yoga can help with strength and flexibility.

Functional Training

Functional training is becoming quite the buzz word, but there is a good reason for it. Functional training is what is done to train yourself for your daily activities. There are a lot of different perceptions of what functional training is. Different trainers, physical therapists and other health pros can say completely different things. This actually makes a lot of sense since functional training is meant to get us in shape for our daily lives, and what we consider a normal daily is very different from one another. So while one trainer may see regular basic lifts as functional, another will say it is more about balance and flexibility mixed in with weights all at the same time. Regardless, you do want a program that incorporates flexibility, strength, balance and stamina, You do not have to have all those aspects in every move you execute. However, make sure you get them in at some point. After all in daily life, you will need all of those to function optimally.

Core Training

Core training is another buzz word you will hear a lot. Most of the time, it is paired with functional training. The core is essentially the entire torso of the body. When the core is strong, everything else becomes much easier to accomplish. Also, you will have less incidences of random injury. Anytime you are doing exercises where you are having to keep your midsection strong for balance, you are using your core. Examples of this would be: planks, pushups, many yoga moves, standing on a bosu ball, etc.

Strength Training

Much like body weight training, pumping iron is a good old standby. It is true that you need more equipment than just your body, but it is plenty easy to find a few sets of weights for your house or to find a gym that has what you need. When you are wanting to do basic weight training, almost any gym will do.

Group Personal Training

Group training has been becoming more popular over the last couple of years. With group training, it will be a similar set up as personal training, except you will be training with a small group of people. These groups are meant to be smaller than group classes where you have 20+ people in one room with not as much personal attention, but also not just you and the trainer. The benefits of this is usually a better price. True, you do not get the trainers sole attention, but in a group of 3 -5 people you will still get plenty of attention.

Online and Video Workouts

Online and video workouts come and go in popularity, but they can be a great choice for those who would rather just workout in the comfort of their own home but are not really sure of what they should be doing. All they have to do is pop in a DVD and follow along. Easy as pie. Plus, you have access to a huge variety of workouts and instructors, you can do a different workout each day of the week or each day of the month!

Obstacle Course Races

Obstacle races such as Spartan race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, GORUCK, Color Run and many many more have become more common place. You can find many of these races going on year round all over. These have become a mini adventure for those who want to spend a few hours in a day getting muddy without having to commit to a whole week long adventure race. These add a much more interesting twist to the normal 5k or 10k. Not sure we will see these go away anytime soon!

Tech Tools

Electronic tools are very popular right now. Many people now are tracking every step they take with tools like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Samsung Gearfit, etc. There are a ton to choose from. While these tools are fun, keep in mind that just because you took a certain amounts of steps all day does not mean you should skip your normal daily workouts.

No matter what the trends are, do what works for you. It is great to test stuff out if it interests you, but ultimately only you know what is right for you! Have a great 2015!



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