By Lauren Denos: 2/4/2015 (Fitness)

It can be challenging when you are on the road often to keep up with a regular fitness routines. You may not have access to the same gym and do not have regular hours. Despite all this, you want to stay in shape and do not want to let this obstacle stand in your way. So what can you do to make sure you stay with your routine?

Move When You Can

Get some extra movement whenever you can. Just because you are stuck at the airport does not mean that you need to sit around. When you are waiting in the airport, do laps and take as many stairs as possible. Most airports are quite large enough to do laps in. If you are not too embarrassed, you could even do some pushups or dips in the terminal. But if that is not your style then just a simple walk will do.

Carry a Jump Rope

A jump rope is one of the most portable pieces of equipment you can get. You can stuff it in your purse and have it with you anywhere you go. Not only is it portable, but it is also a great cardio workout and you don't need a ton of space. If you think that you will not even have enough room for a jump rope then you can also look at the rope-less jump ropes. They simulate a jump rope, but without the rope portion to them. The regular rope will be better for you since it works more on your coordination, but if you are staying in rooms that are even too small for a regular jump rope then you at least have another option!

Turn It Into a Game

Create a game for yourself of doing a certain amount of pushups, dips squats, etc. per day. This way you have your set goal and you just get in what you can when you can. If you plan to get in 10 pushups per day but you are only getting 2 done in between other things, then you still get them all done, you just don't have to stick to a specific schedule for it. You can look at the basics that work a lot of muscle groups at the same time and make that your goal for the day. Pushups, dips, planks, squats, and lunges are a great place to start.

Have Options

Have a variety of routines to do. This way, no matter what equipment you have available to you, you are still getting in your workout. Create some of each of the routines talked about below, just so that no matter what situation you are in or what interests you that day, you have a plan of action and can do it no matter what.

  • Body weight routines are great because they are effective and you can do them anywhere with no equipment (no excuses).
  • You can also carry workout bands with you. They are super portable, do not take up much space and can still give you a killer workout.
  • Regular gym workouts, yes you can still have some regular routines ready to go. Many of the hotels you stay at will have gyms available for you.
  • If you are a yoga fan then carry your favorite yoga DVD and do some yoga in your room. Most rooms will have at least a TV and DVD player and if not most people travel with their computer.

Do What You Can, When You Can

Use what time you have. Because you are on the road a lot and probably running in between meetings, you may not be able to set aside an hour for a workout, or even 30 minutes aside, so do whatever you can when you can. If you have time at lunch do it then. If you have 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening that is fine. The point is to be doing something. You may think that 10 minutes is not doing anything for you, but it is!

Look Ahead

Call ahead of time to see what your accommodations are. Is there a full gym at the hotel or a small gym room? Is there a trainer on staff in case you want a bit of an extra push? If you know these things ahead of time, then you can plan even better. This way, if you have to get your workout in first thing in the morning, you do not have to waste time while you are there asking around about accommodations before finally getting back to your room to workout. You can save all that wasted time by just calling ahead of time and making sure what is available. Look up the local parks and gym. Maybe the hotel you are staying at does not have a gym, so instead you could workout somewhere other than your room. Research where the closest location is, or if you are used to running out doors knowing where the local parks are will probably be a great thing. Besides, if you travel to this place, often you will be able to use this place again, so the research will be well worth it.

Get Creative

Use what you have. If you do not have bands or jump ropes or any portable equipment no problem. What do you have at your disposal? You can use the counter for full body rows, you can use your luggage for weighted squats or lunges. You can also use your luggage for dumbbell rows, shoulder raises. Really the uses are endless.

When you travel often it may be a bit more challenging due to the ever fluctuating days, but you can still get your workout in, you just have to want to do it! Think about how much better you will feel and how much more energy you will have from keeping up with your fitness. Finding your motivations and goals will help you keep the determination to make your health and fitness a priority. So find what you want and do what you can with the time you have to accomplish the health you want.



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