By Lauren Denos: 8/24/2015 (Mindset)

"He who has a why to live can endure any how." - Friedrich Nietzsche

What is your why? Have you even thought about it? Do you know what I mean when I say your why? Your why is the reason you are doing something specific. For example why are you working out and eating healthy?

Generally speaking when we do not accomplish something we have set out to do it is not from a lack of information and understanding of how to do it. I mean let's face it, we are in a time in history where there is just about anything you could want to know at the tips of your fingers through the internet. And if you make the argument that you do not have a computer or internet access then you can always go to the library. There is so much knowledge available to us that we are more likely to get overwhelmed with too much knowledge verses having too little knowledge. The lack of knowledge is not what keeps you from doing what you want to do, it is a lack of a why, or a why that is not strong enough. Your why is what gives you conviction and dedication to what you want to accomplish.

Your why goes hand in hand with your goals in life. First off you need to know what you are wanting to accomplish and you want to make sure it is what you want not what is wanted for you from someone else. If you make a goal of getting healthy then you need to look at it, do you really want to get healthier or is that just what your family or society tells you you should want? Don't get me wrong, I want you to get healthy too, but if you do not want it then you are fighting a losing battle because it is not important to you. You need to find out why you want to be healthy not why other people want you to be healthy. A really good example of this that you probably see everywhere is the idea that we all need to look like bikini models from a magazine, but while that motivation may work for some, for others they couldn't care less about it. You will run into many people that will tell you why you should do something and why it should be important to you but that does not matter, It needs to be for you, I can not stress that enough. Your why will give you motivation. Your why helps you come alive, it is that thing that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get rolling on a plan of action. If you do not feel that motivated then your why is not strong enough and it is time to dig deeper.

So how do you find your why? Here are a couple of exercises you can do to find it.

Start with this.

Ask yourself why. This works for any goal or desire, but we will use the example of getting healthy. You will ask yourself this question over and over and over again, until you feel like you are empty of reasons and then you will dig for a few more. You want to keep digging because for many people their real juicy why is buried under other more superficial reasons. If you are getting emotional about it, or if you start to get really super charged then you are probably on the right track. You want a why that will make you want to get up at 4am or stay up all night to accomplish it, now I actually believe in sleep, especially if you want to be healthy, but that is the feeling you should get. When you do this exercise you may have to ask yourself this question 20 time or 100 times. Do it for as long as it takes to get to your deep rooted why.

If you feel like you have a great why and then a week into using it, it fails to motivate you then it's time to visit this exercise again until you feel like you found the right stimulation. Do this multiple times if you need to.


Why do you want to get healthy?

A: To be able to go on more adventures.

Why do you want to get healthy?

A: To have more time to spend with my children.

Why do you want to get healthy?

A: So I can be pain free.

Why do you want to get healthy?

A: Because I want to be able to love what I see when I look in the mirror.

You get the point. Now let's get deeper than that.

Next level

Once you have asked why you want to be healthy look at those reasons. Pick the one that sparks the most feeling of urgency in you and then ask why about that. And follow that down the rabbit hole.

An example of this is:

Why do you want to be healthy?

A: To be able to see the world

Now you would ask - Why do you want to see the world?

A: Because I do not want to be trapped by my own body.

Why do you not want to be trapped by your body?

A: I only have so much time on this earth to experience this life and I don't want to waste it.

Why don't you want to waste it?

A: Because I want my life to mean something important.

Now you may have plenty of motivation from the exercise before this one, but this will help dig deeper in case there is something even deeper to draw from. Always go for the option that hits you the hardest. It may be kind of hard to take but it will do the most for you. Keep digging as long as it takes to find the deepest reason you have for doing what you are doing. Just like the exercise above you may have to ask yourself this question 20 time or 100 times. Do it for as long as it takes to get to your deep rooted why.

This may seem like a lot of work to go through, but it is so worth it. Once you know your why, you will be equip to combat all of the nay saying from others or coming from your own head. Your why will give you that motivational boost when you want to sleep instead of hit the gym. So take the time to find your why, write it down and look at it daily, and enjoy the new surge of motivation!



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