By Lauren Denos: 11/13/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been working on doing what you talk about with enjoying what I am doing but it is not working. I am not losing weight. Why is this not working.

Thank you,


Dear Jillie,

First of all make sure there is not something going on medically that is keeping your from losing weight. This is becoming more common with hormone imbalances, rising stress levels and over growth of candida in the body. And those are just a few of the things that can affect your weight and your health.

Understand that when I talk about enjoying your food, I do not mean just eat whatever you feel like. What I am talking about is finding ways to enjoy a healthier way of eating. For example if you need to give up sugar the goal would be to find ways that you can make things you can enjoy without the sugar, not to just eat the sugary items because you will enjoy them. The avoidance of sugar something I deal with. I love sweets but I need to stay away from them, so my way to enjoy my food is by making foods with stevia. It gives me the sweets I enjoy but does not cause all the myriad of health problems that sugar cause me. Also, just because you are making healthy food does not mean that you can over eat it without consequences. This food is still made up of calories.

When it comes to finding what you enjoy with exercise. This does not mean that you should skip your workouts when you are not enjoying them, it means find some other way of working out that you will enjoy. This is why I suggest finding a handful of things you like, so that when you are not feeling like going to a dance class you know that you can go for a swim. This way you are still getting the workout you need but you also get to enjoy it. Make sure you are also working out hard enough. If you are hopping on a stationary bike and peddling really slowly while you read a book, you are probably not working hard enough to see the results you want. Going slow on the bike is better than nothing, but if you are wanting specific results you will need to kick it up, a lot.

Make sure you are being consistent. Just because you enjoy something does not mean that you can neglect the consistency of eating healthy and working out. If you want to be successful you still need to do the actions. Look at what you are doing and be honest with yourself. Are you being consistent? Are you overeating? Are you skipping workouts? Are you not training hard enough? What is really going on? If you really are doing everything perfectly then it is time to see a doctor. I know you will find the answer if you take the time to look at what you are doing. LIVE FULL OUT!



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