By Lauren Denos: 7/17/2015 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I am really embarrassed because I am obese, I have really let myself go and want to get healthier, but I am too ashamed to go to the gym and am embarrassed to work out in public. I am also not really in a state of health to do much yet since I am not very mobile. What would be a course of action to take?

Thank you,


Dear Debbie,

First of all understand that everyone has to start somewhere so do not be hard on yourself. The fact that you have decided to make this lifestyle change is wonderful! Gyms are meant for people to get in shape, not to be a fashion show of pretty people, please keep that in mind. That being said I also understand not feeling comfortable in a public place working out yet. Start in a place you feel comfortable. Start by working out in your own house.

If you have a friend who is about at the same level as you are in, in relation to your health and exercise then you may want to enlist them as a workout buddy. This can help keep you focused and on schedule especially for those days you feel like skipping your workout.

For your workouts, start with simple things such as walking, walking is a great choice for getting started, it gets you moving while not putting a lot of strain on your joints. Plus walking is a great stress reliever. Basic weight training will also be an easy addition to start with. Some simple and easy exercises can be bicep curls, wall pushups, and shoulder press. You can also reduce the range of motion if needed when you are starting out, for example you do not have to do full deep squats, you can start with shallow mini squats and work up from that.

The point is to just get started and do something each day, even if you only have 10 minutes. Also you may want to look at videos of things you may want to learn. Enjoying what you are doing will help you stick with your workouts.

Working out is important but make sure you are also working on your nutrition. What you are eating is going to make the biggest difference. Make sure that whatever you are doing, it is something you can live with. When people go on a strict diet that they hate it winds up being a short lived test in perseverance. When you change your eating it does not mean that you need to eat a flavorless diet that you hate. It just means that you should look at what you have been doing and how you can make small incremental changes in your diet. Make it a part of your lifestyle.

Everyone started somewhere, If you get started and just do what you can each day, you will look back and be amazed at what you will accomplish in a very short time.

You will do great! LIVE FULL OUT!



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