By Lauren Denos: 10/6/2015 (Nutrition)

If you are wanting some simple ways to drop some extra inches, this is your article.

I have talked plenty about the idea that you should not be focusing on weight loss but rather on eating healthier foods and finding fitness goals that are not centered around weight loss as well as finding workouts you will enjoy. That being said people are still focusing on weight loss, and if you are someone who has a tendency to over eat or just have a hard time guesstimating how much you have actually eaten in a day then keeping tally of it is probably a good option for you. If you are keeping tally and you are just not sure how to reduce the calories in your diet without hating life then this topic will be for you.

If you have your stress under control and do not have any specific health issues keeping you from losing weight then you can easily drop some extra inches. One of the easiest and painless ways to do this is by looking at what you are eating and finding some substitutions.

If you can cut 500 calories a day that is 1 lb of body fat that you could be dropping per week. Now, even though reducing the 500 calories calculates to pounds, I still recommend using calipers, body fat analyzers or a tape measure for your progress rather than a scale. It gives you better feedback, because remember that if you are working out you could lose body fat and be increasing your muscle mass, when you do this you can be losing inches and becoming more compact but you may not lose as much weight on the scale. This can make the scale quite the head game. So to keep whatever sanity you still have just use something other than just a scale to get the whole story of how your body is progressing.

Easy ways to cut extra calories out of your diet. These are the things you can trade out. This is by no means all that you can do, but it will give you an idea of what to start looking at.

  1. Skip the cheese on your burgers and sandwiches.

  2. Do lettuce wraps or bell peppers for your sandwiches instead of bread.

  3. Choose something other than soda like water, flavored water, herbal tea.

  4. Get a lighter version of your morning latte.

  5. Instead of dessert or a candy bar have a piece of fruit.

  6. For your dressing use more vinegar or lemon and less oil (or no oil).

  7. Instead of chips have some air popped popcorn.

  8. Get a salad or steamed vegetables as a side dish instead of french fries or mashed potatoes.

  9. If you go out to eat, put half of you food in a to go box before you even start eating.

  10. If you are at home only put half of what you think you want on your plate and then give yourself at least 20-30 minutes after you have finished eating to see if you really want more.

  11. When you have the munchies chew some gum.

  12. If you eat sausage in the morning then switch to a lean turkey sausage.

  13. If you are a cereal eater measure out your amount, it is really easy to actually be eating 2 or 3 servings instead of one. In fact making your cereal a high fiber one can help to stave off excess hunger.

  14. Use hummus as a condiment instead of mayo.

  15. For game day serve pita bread wedges, vegetables and hummus instead of potato chips and onion dip.

  16. Replace regular pasta for zucchini pasta, you can make this using a spiral slicer or one of the varieties of noodle makers like the Veggetti.

  17. Instead of regular ground beef get lean ground beef for your recipes or even better lean ground turkey.

  18. Obviously not drinking alcohol is best, but since that is something most people are not likely to give up, instead of a beer, or a fancy mud slide or other fruity sweet drinks opt for a mojito with half the sweeter, or get a pure spirit like vodka, gin, rum etc mixed with either tonic water and a lime or a splash of cranberry juice.

  19. Pile vegetables on your plate and eat them first.

  20. Plan and pack your meals ahead of time, this way you do not even have to think about what you are going to eat or how much of it you are going to put on your plate.

This list could go on and on and on, but this will give you something to start with and will get your brain in the right place of looking for ways you can not only reduce calories in your daily food but also help you make some general healthier choices as well.



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