By Lauren Denos: 9/9/2015 (Fitness)

All you need for this kick butt workout is a flight of stairs. This workout incorporates cardio, body weight training and some coordination skills. Do what you can for some people 4 flights of stair will seem impossible and for some they will not feel like they are getting their heart rate up unless they do at least 10 rounds. Always adjust these workouts for what is appropriate for you. Aim for 3 sets of this whole workout Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

4 Laps Sprinting (4 up and 4 down a flight of stairs)

This is just what it sounds like. You want to sprint up the stairs as fast as you SAFELY can.

Stair Squat Jumps (1 flight of stairs)

For this exercise you want to sit back as if you were sitting back into a chair. Keep the chest up and the abs tight. Keep your heels grounded and do not let your knees go over your toes. When coming up from the squat, press through your heels and the outer edge of your feet, then roll from your heels onto the balls of your feet. You will then propel yourself as high in the air as possible. If your knees are buckling or bowing during the squat then shorten your range of motion. Land on the next step up and go straight back into the squat position. Do this repetition all the way up the stairs.

4 Laps Sprinting

Side Steps (1 flight of stairs)

When you do side steps make sure you focus on squeezing the glutes with each step up you do. Keep your body as upright as possible. Make sure you do a set facing the opposite way so that you get a workout on both legs. You may want to step two steps at once with the outside leg for a higher step and better challenge.

4 Laps Sprinting

Moving Hands Plank (until you can't do any more)

Keep your body firm. You don't want to be arching your back or have your midsection or the knees drooping. Keep your legs and glutes tight. Hold this as long as you can. While you are holding this you will move your hands in a controlled manner to the step above you one at a time and then back down to the step you started on. Keep yourself as stable as you can and use your core strength to keep you steady. It is normal to feel like you are having an earthquake in your midsection. If you have a weak back, make sure that this exercise is appropriate for you. If this exercise is too easy for you then instead of just moving your hands, be moving weights from one step to another.

4 Laps Sprinting

Dips (aim for 12)

Lower yourself down to where your upper arms are parallel to the ground or less than parallel depending on what you can do. Keep your elbows pointing back as much as possible, you do not want them flying out to the side. Then use your arms (not your legs) to press back up into the starting position. Always pay attention to how your shoulders and elbows feel when doing a dip. If they hurt, your butt may be too far away from the step, or you may be going lower than you should. If that is the case look at your form, if your form is good then shorten your range of motion by not going as low in the dip.

4 Laps Sprinting

Decline Pushups (aim for 12)

Start in a plank position. Your hands under your shoulders but slightly wider. You want your hands facing forward, think of your middle finger pointing straight ahead. When you go down you want to keep your arms in close to your body verses letting them fly away. You can do these on your closed fists with your knuckles pointing out as well. The fist option can be very helpful if you have weak wrists because it put's your wrists into a more stable position, it can also make it easier to keep your arms in close to your body. Keep your body firm. You should not have any movement in your midsection when you do this exercise, you do not want the midsection or the knees drooping. Keep your legs and glutes tight. This will help you keep your body strong and straight throughout the pushup. The only thing that should be moving is your arms, your feet are your pivot point.

There you have it. A great workout that does not cost you money and you do not need equipment for. This workout is simple and yet effective. Enjoy and find out what you are capable of.



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