By Lauren Denos: 12/4/2014 (Ask Lauren)

Dear Lauren,

I have been diagnosed with diabetes and was told to start exercising, but I hate exercising. I don't want to really change my diet too much. Is there a supplement that I can take instead?

Thank you,


Dear Jacob,

As far as supplements to "fix it all" that would fall under the area of your doctor. There are plenty of supplements that can help with blood sugar issues, but they are not complete fixes. Also, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes this is something serious you should be working with your doctor on.

Exercise has been shown to help with insulin sensitivity, which can help a lot. You do not have to do a boring workout. You can take up basketball or some other sport or activity that you enjoy. If you do not know what activity you like then start testing them out.

Diet is extremely important to manage diabetes. How severely you need to change your diet depends on the severity of your diabetes and whether you are taking medication to manage this. If you are using medication and are managing it that way, then you may be able to take a little more time to change your eating habits. To begin, you could do a step-by-step approach to revamp your food intake. Or, you can start with reducing the obvious sugars and get a little more used to that before switching out your unhealthy snacks with better options. If you are not using insulin then you need to whip things into shape faster, unless you do not mind getting worse.

This does not have to be a torture process. Find healthy versions of what you like to eat or drink, find activities you like to do. The bottom line is if you are dealing with diabetes, in order to get yourself healthy, you will need to make some changes.

I hope you get this under control soon.




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